Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Is the Press Always Right ?

Three months ago, M. Nazaruddin was dismissed from his position as Treasurer of the ruling Democrat Party and runaway to Singapore after the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) alleged that he was involved in the misappropriation of fund for development of athlete housing in Palembang, South Sumatera.

Since then, the mass media in Indonesia has been reporting about him, about the people around him and about all the bad things he said about the Party's top officials, including President SBY, via SMS and BlackBerry Messenger every night and day.

All that have seemingly made top officials of the Democrat Party very angry and conflict among them. Due to which fact President SBY as Chairman of the Parrty's Advisory Board blamed the mass media for not being fair in reporting about the case.

But according to the Chief of the Indonesian Press Council i.e. former Chief Justice Bagir Manan, the media has so far not violated the Press Code of Ethics in reporting the Nazaruddin Case.

Two TV stations i.e. TvOne owned by Golkar Party boss Aburizal Bakrie, and MetroTV owned by National Democrat Party boss Surya Paloh, frequently broadcast live interviews with Nazaruddin, during which he once again made very serious allegations against top officials of the Democrat Party, KPK leaders, Directors of State owned companies, etc.

In reaction to Nazaruddin's allegations, the Chairman of the Democrat Party Anas Urbaningrum has reported Nazaruddin to the Police for false allegations. And recently, President SBY urged Nazaruddin to come home to prove all his allegations.

The above shows that the Mass Media in Indonesia has now become a powerful entity in our society and they would do anything to make people read/hear/see their news reports including sensational ones, so that companies want to place advertisement on their media.

Therefore, I felt that the public should be very careful in taking any news reported by the mass media,. especially those that are owned by politicians or have connections with them.


Umihoney said...

Hi Harry,
That is so true. Media with political leanings in a free environment will do anything not only for ratings and revenue but also for political agenda. Hopefully the masses has the maturity to evaluate this overload of information.

Take care dear Harry.Thanks for sharing.

smp 3 lembang said...

saya hanya agak jengah pak lihat media jika isinya hanya selalu memojokkan satu pihak dan memuji pihak lainnya , hendaknya media harus independent jangan dijadikan ajang penciptraan juga

Filipina Ini said...

Obviously NOT! Some of them (if not all) get influenced y money, power, culture, religion, etc.... Righteousness even comes last at times.

Wisata Murah said...

yups.himbauan yang bijak dari multibrand yang harus kita dengar.masyarakat kita memang temperamental dan gampang di provokasi.dan kondisi ini sering dimanfaatkan oleh oknum untuk membuat image seseorang buruk. seyogyanya pembaca memang harus arif menerima info dari media..nice post

Multibrand said...

You are right.
We can only hope that the public would be very careful in receiving the news, and not just 'swollow' them.

Memang benar bang, lama kelamaan kita bosan mendengar/baca/lihat berita yang cenderung sepihak,

@Filipina Ini,
You are right, unfortunately.

@Wisata Murah,
Semoga akan muncul media indepeden yang benar fair dalam beritanya sehingga masyarakat mendapat berita2 yang layak.

colson said...

Free independent editors, a free independent press, is a necessary pre-condition to a viable democracy. Journalist are, like the saying goes, hornets in the pelt of the elite.

But I do absolutely agree with you; the press may be off target, sometimes way off target. The public should not believe what is reported at face value. Always be a critical news consumer.

r10 said...

jangan langsung percaya pada berita media, krn terkadang suka dilebih-lebihkan

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

It's very useful information. Thanks for sharing.

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

Welcome back home again ! I am waiting for your comments on my new post . Dank je wel !

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

Sorry, mas Harry ! The previous comment is for "colson"

Ria Tumimomor said...

Most of the media corporation here are owned by political not not?

Multibrand said...

It is very difficult to assume that a news media owned by politician can be independent in their reports. Especially if its program tends to aim at certain party, one can only think that it is party of strategy to win next election.

Anda benar.

Thank you very much Pak.

The two TV stations I mentioned clearly own by politicians.

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry

It's definitely the same situation here in your "neighbouring country". The only difference here is that (ALL) the mainstream media and newspapers are controlled by ONE party and people are barred from speaking the truth.

Editors here are also prone to apple-polishing and publish what their paymasters dictate.

Having said that, it's really difficult to be "independent" in
a world influenced by politics.

People are emotionally charged creatures, and one is bound to agree with someone who has been
("favourable") to you or at least matches the values you have in life.

Even in UK & US where there is freedom of the press, there are several newspapers with obvious political leanings.

So what can be done ?
I personally think that the a (reasonable) amount of freedom of speech is important. Everyone can have their say , and not subjected to the monopoly of one party alone.

The people also have to be nurtured in an environment where critical and independent thinking is encouraged. We don't want to have sheeps that just parrot whatever the sheperd says irregardless if the sheperd utters the right or wrong things.

A hallmark of an truly developed nation is where everyone is free to report or talk but the people are intelligent and mature enough to discern what is wrong or right, what is reasonable or not, and the government does not resort to high handed tactics in dealing with people who criticise them.

In the end, if what they said is indeed the truth, time will surely tell.

On a side note, I really like all Umihoney's comments. They reflect someone who has the maturity and
good reasoning :)

Multibrand said...

@Bear Wife,
Let me quote your words :
"I personally think that the a (reasonable) amount of freedom of speech is important. Everyone can have their say , and not subjected to the monopoly of one party alone"
I agree with that.
Re: Umihoney (from PJ, Malaysia) :
Yes she is very good, same like you my friend.