Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Plan to Eradicate the Corruption Eradication Commission

When the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK)  was established in 2003, people in Indonesia was very happy because we finally have a powerful law enforcement agency with full authority, including Investigation and Prosecution, to fight corruption seriously.

Under the leadership of Antasari Azhar, KPK was so strong that it jailed former top officer of the central bank (Bank Indonesia) who was the father in law of President SBY and investigated the case of mysterious voters during the General election and Presidential election in 2009.

Those successes ended when the Police and the Attorney General Office accused Antasari of masterminding the murder of a director of a state owned company, and South Jakarta District Court sentenced Antasari to 18 years in prison last year.

Many people refused to believe the criminal charges against Antasari. They said that the authority wants to get rid of him because KPK has been uncontrollable.

Especially that during the Court trials there were some strange things : the other suspects including a Police Colonel and witnesses including former Chief of Police Detective denied the charges against Antasari.
The forensic expert who examined the condition of the body of murdered person said that the body was manipulated when it was brought to him.

After that, the KPK became a "Paper Tiger".that has very strong authority based on the KPK Law No.30/ 2002 but cannot implement them because it has no strong leader.

Efforts to eradicate the KPK became more transparent after the Speaker of the House of Representatives Marzuki Alie, a top leader of the ruling Democrat Party, told reporters that KPK must be disband if it cannot find a leader.

This statement was criticized by politicians, other public figures and members of the society.

In my opinion, as a Speaker of the House of Representatives Marzuki Alie has no right to say such kind of anti-people and pro-corruption statement. 

I hope that said statement would not not slow down KPK's efforts to eradicate corruption in Indonesia.  ..


Wisata Murah said...

kalau niatnya benar. dia tidak menyulut pembubaran .tapi seharusnya dia membantu cari pimpinan KPK

WebbieLady said...

It really sucks to talk about politics... I mean, it just does not end. We all have our views and we hate it when someone thinks they are better than us and vice versa. Pride, religion, selfishness... these, we all have and it's really difficult to live in harmony.

Good luck Indonesian Government with this challenge.

Rob Baiton said...

Hey Harry...

I am pretty sure that if one wanted to, and could be bothered with the time it would take, go back through my comments on this, then they would find that the idea of marginalising and then eradicating the commission is not a new idea.

Anonymous said...
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colson said...

If politicians would effectively weaken the KPK even more, the government, the parliament and even the political system would loose a lot of it's remaining (inter-) national credibility.

So let's hope the Speaker's worrying statement will prove to be just another inconsequential loose blank by one of those politicians craving for attention.

Aulawi Ahmad said...

I agree with U, I just wonder why Mr. Marzukie Allie is always make same mistake :)

Multibrand said...

@Wisata Murah,
Anda benar yang penting ada niat baik untuk membantu mencari dalam hal ini termasuk menerima siapapun yang dicalonkan dan dipilih.

Yes you are right, politics really sucks. Small diferences can become very big issue.

I still remember your blogposts about the effort made against KPK.
Glad to see you again Rob.

I think that he is so disappointed
that many of his party officials are investigated by the KPK.

That's a question many of us have.

triesti said...

out of all the so-called politicians of PD, only M Alie who still hasnt learnt his lesson.. slow learner that one..

attayaya-puasa said...

daripada membubarkan KPK mending membubarkan DPR

mohon maaf lahir bathin ya...
semoga amal ibadah kita semua diterima Allah SWT

semoga ketemu lagi dengan Ramadhan tahun depan

Umihoney said...

Hi Harry,
Assalamualaikum. Lets hope it is all just talk. kinda tiring following the antics of politician isn't it.

Have a peaceful nite and have a good sahur dear friend.
Take care.

smp 3 lembang said...

KPK kapan ya bisa bertaji lagi seperti Antasari dulu ?

Multibrand said...

Yes you are right, maybe he must be taught a very hard lesson.

Pembubaran DPR ? hmmmmm
Berarti harus diadakan pemilu lagi.

Allaikum salam,
Yes this is part of a foolish talks.
Thank you for coming and commenting my dear friend.
I really appreciate it.

KPK bisa kuat kalau pemerintah dan DPR menghendaki demikian.

Anonymous said...

Dear Harry / Multibrand

Wishing Indonesia the success and will power in the continuing struggle of eradicating (or at least) minimizing corruption.

You really don't want to end up like a "neighbouring country's" anti corruption agency where witnesses who come in alive end up
dead .

And this particular "agency" is but just a "facade" of being so called professional when we all really know that it is politically
affiliated to an "influential"

Speaking of which, if corruption is so deeply entrenched in one's culture , it is definitely an uphill me especially when politicians are involved.

If Indonesians don't continue to speak up and exert pressure for the commssion to be empowered
and free from political maneouverings, then there will surely come a time when ordinary people will be paying Rupiah corruption money for every small favour under the sun.....even if
it was the officer's job in the first place.

Now who says corruption doesn't kill ?

r10 said...

KPK harus diselamatkan, KPK juga musti lebih berani membongkar kasus korupsi

ayel said...

jalan2 sore ketempat sahabat.... mudah2an hari ini lebih menyenangkan...

Multibrand said...

@Bear Wife,
I agree with you that the people should continue to speak up and make efforts to make sure that the anti corruption commission's power is maintained.
Any government tend to abuse the power given to them.
I am very glad to see you again. Thanks a lot.

Rakyat harus mendukung KPK agar tetap kuat dan bersemangat tinggi dalam memberantas korupsi.

Terima kasih atas kunjungan dan komentar anda.
Semoga anda menyukainya.

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

marzuki alay ini ada-ada aja..

Multibrand said...

Iya dia memang alay .. he he he