Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rabies in Bali is not Bioterrorism

Series of terrorists attacks in several places in Indonesia have traumatized the people and government officials in Indonesia.

People in the island of Bali are so paranoid that when the Rabies virus plagued the island recently, local government officials alleged that it was terrorist attack using bio chemical weapon, a.k.a Bioterrorism, from foreign country.

However, this allegation was later denied by the Molecular Biology Laboratory at the University of Udayana’s School of Medicine in Bali. According to the Head of the Laboratory Ni Nyoman Sri Budayanti, the virus entered Bali through inter-island animal trafficking from other Indonesian islands of Flores and Sulawesi. Detailed media report can be found by clicking here.

In conclusion, I felt that serious efforts must be made to eliminate the Rabies virus in Bali, considering that the island is a very important destination for foreign and domestic tourists.


colson said...

Pretty scary.

But I think I read some article recently which said that already 400 of the about 1000 wild dogs have been eliminated in Bali. So I guess chances are some appropriate measures have been taken, so that the problem might be dealt with soon.

pj said...

Actually its a pretty serious problem. Stray Dogs in Bali number in the tens of thousands if not more (Siam post quoted a dog pop of500,000 - seems low). One of the concerns of having a Dog cull is that a reduction in dog numbers may result in a increase in rat numbers.

H. Nizam said...


Some appropriate measures have been taken, but not effective enough.
Hopefully a better way can be found.

H. Nizam said...


I guess beside eliminating stray dogs, efforts must be made to eliminate the rats then.