Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A long way to Justice

Where is justice ? That’s the question I asked whenever I am very sick and tired of all the media reports about the inappropriate enforcement of the laws.

And that’s what I asked my self when I read the news about criminalization of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), starting from the arrest of KPK Chief Antasari for murder charges until the arrest of two suspended KPK Vice Chiefs Bibit & Chandra for allegedly receiving bribe from businessman Anggodo, and their release after the Constitutional Court held a public hearing of a recording that indicate involvement of Anggodo and top officials of the Police and the Attorney General Office (AGO) in the conspiracy against KPK leadership. And until now Anggodo is still free as a bird.

My curiosity became stronger after President Susilo Bambang Yudono (SBY) announced on 22 November that he wants the case to be settled out of court, but he did not say that it shall be stopped as demanded by the public. Although he urged the Police, AGO and KPK to reform themselves, but he did not give any sanction to officials who were allegedly involved in the KPK case as also demanded by the public.

On the next day, the Financial Audit Agency (BPK) announced result of its audit on the flow of taxpayers' money amounting Rp 6,7 Trillion to bail out a privately owned Bank Century, saying that the role of Bank Indonesia as central bank at that time headed by Boediono (now VP), in the flow of money has not been correct.

In reaction to the above mentioned facts, thousands of students in many parts of Indonesia have went down to the streets to voice their protests.

Further, on 25 November, the Constitutional Court deleted a provision in the KPK Law No.30/2002 Article 32(1c) and clears the way for Bibit and Chandra to return to their posts at KPK.
Beside that, the Chief of National Police has replaced the Chief of Police Investigation Agency Commissioner General Susno Duadji with Inspector General Ito Sumardi.

Furthermore, SBY's Democrat Party has made a change in policy and supported a motion by a Commission of the House of Representative to conduct an inquiry on the Bank Century case.

For details, please click here,here, here, here,here.

I hope that the above favorable development would always be maintained so that the condition of justice can be improved in the future.


corie said...

This is corie from blogcatalog, I really enjoyed reading your blog about justice, and politics. Is that your passion?

How is your blog or business doing in terms being recognize in the search engines or being exposed to the internet in general?

Do you use google adwords to bring viewers to your site or blog?

H. Nizam said...

Hi Corie,

Thank you for your visit & comment.

Yes, I am ver passionate about Law incl. Justice, Politics & Nature.

Recognition of my blog by search engines is quite okay although not as much as I want it to be. But I am very sure if I learn much more from seasoned bloggers & internet marketers and try much harder I would be able to improve a lot.

I don't use adwords but adsense, but unfortunately only public ads show up so I stopped for a while.

Pulau Tidung said...

How is your blog or business doing in terms being recognize in the search engines or being exposed to the internet in general?