Tuesday, November 3, 2009

KPK & the Police

In the last few weeks the Indonesian news media have been focusing on the conflict between the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and the Police.

The conflict started when KPK investigated the flow of Rp. 6,7 Trillion from the state to help the ailing privately owned Bank Century on November 2008.

In order to provide a brief explanation on this matter, I need to quote an article in The Jakarta Post, as follows :

9 September: KPK announced that it is investigating the Chief of Police Detective General Susno Duadji for his involvement in the case.
15 September: the Police named KPK Vice Chairmen: Bibit Samad Rianto and Chandra Hamzah as suspects for abuse of power in imposing travel ban on businessman Anggoro Widjaya who was suspected of corruption.
28 September: Bibit & Chandra submitted a Police report against Gen. Susno for alleged abuse of power.
29 September: The Police named Antasari a suspect for violating the KPK ethics code in meeting with Anggoro who was a suspect.
2 October: Gen. Susno comes to the KPK headquarters to sooth relations between the two institutions.
5 October : The police investigated Gen. Susno for abuse of power.
6 October : President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) issued an emergency decree (Perpu) appointing Tumpak Hatorangan Panggabean as acting KPK chairman to replace Antasari, and Mas Achmad Santosa and Waluyo acting Vice Chairmen to replace Chandra and Bibit.
7 October : The police internal affairs division clears Gen. Susno of all charges.
26 October : Recordings of wiretapped conversations between Anggoro and his brother Anggodo with high-ranking prosecutors and police officers discussing in July a plot to frame KPK leaders is leaked to the media.
27 October : Acting KPK Chairman Tumpak confirms that the recordings exist.
29 October : The Constitutional Court allowed KPK to disclose the recordings and other supporting facts that may strengthen their authority to combat corruption on Nov. 3.
Soon after, the Police arrested Bibit and Chandra.

The Police arrest was strongly protested by various elements in society, including former president, former Chief of the Constitutional Court, Chairmen of two of the largest Muslim organizations Nadhatul Ulama and Muhamadiyah, et cetera.
Beside that, strong supports have also been shown in Facebook, whereby more than 630 thousand people have joined the Free Bibit-Chandra Movement.

In response to the strong public protests, SBY formed a special Fact Finding Team consisting of 8 prominent members of the society, including Adnan Buyung Nasution as Chairman, Todung Mulya Lubis, two of SBY's legal advisors Amir Syamsudin and Denny Indrajana.

On Tuesday morning the Constitutional Court held a session opened to public to listen to the wiretap recording. As a result, Anggodo was interrogated by the Police afterward.
And before midnight, the Police suspended the arrest of Bibit and Chandra and allow them to leave the Police jail.

Considering the fact that our society needs both the Police and KPK, I hope that this case will be processed thoroughly according to the laws so that the real truth shall be revealed.


Anonymous said...

Good blog Harry. As long as the internet gives publicity to these things and the leaks continue the authorities remain under pressure to react properly. Its the new democracy. Their constituents are watching and communicating as never before.

H. Nizam said...


Yes, thank God that we have the internet so that democratic process can go smoothly no matter how hard the path is.

colsonh said...

First of all: I second Duckham's opinion: good blog!

And I also agree: Internet is a factor of importance probably. Though virtual protests may need some back up by loud and visible protests by crowds.

Yet the end the quality of democracy is ultimately determined by the quality of its institutions and the professional ethics of the people working there. Whatever the exact reality of the case is (I mean the possibly hidden facts behind the up till now known facts), there is something terribly wrong here.

Anyhow, the resume you provide in this post is astounding; some incidents are too absurd for even really imaginative minds to think up.

H. Nizam said...


Thank you for the compliment.
Actually I learned a lot from you and Duckham, and still want to learn more.
Although according to the media Indonesia is the world's 3rd largest democracy, after India & the U.S, only we only began on 20 May 1998.
I think that we have adopted democracy too fast, many people only want their own interest to be prioritized. With various kinds of elections: parliament, governor, regent, president, lots of money must be spent to win election. This has forced those who want to be elected to do anything they can to get money to promote themselves (campaign). After they are in power they have to 'pay' favors to those who helped them to power. But I believe that thing can be improved provided that we work harder & smarter.

Shahzad Saeed said...

Nice post.... I like it

H. Nizam said...


Thank you. I am glad that you like it

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of this terrible law enforcement in indonesia ...so I make KPK recording transcript as a ringtone ...http://anggodo.blogspot.com

H. Nizam said...


Please be advised that I prefer if you mention your name so that we can be friends.
However, I thank you for visiting and leaving your comment. I will check your site.

Reporter online said...

The corruption must be eradicated to achieve a state of comfort and security, otherwise everything will be corrupted.
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H. Nizam said...


I agree with you.
Thank you for your comment and for following my blog. I will follow you too.

Saung Web said...

KPK is my Idol... I love KPK sooo I love CICAK..

H. Nizam said...

Saung Web,

I think that many Indonesians love KPK the way that you do. Let us hope the whole case shall be cleared as soon as possible.