Sunday, November 22, 2009

President SBY & Greenpeace

On 12 November, 50 Greenpeace activists demonstrated at a tract of forest in Riau, Sumatera, that was recently cleared by the huge paper and pulp manufacturer PT Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper, a subsidiary of the Asia Pacific Resources International Holding. Some chained themselves to excavators owned by the company.

Those activists protested the destruction of forest & peatland in Riau, which has been estimated to contain around 2 gigatons of greenhouse gases.
As a consequence, 11 foreign activists and jurnalists who covered the event were deported and 21 Indonesians were charged by the Police for tresspassing and for conducting illegal demonstration.

In spite of the above incident, last Saturday around 150 Greenpeace activists demonstrated in Jakarta to support the plan of President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono (SBY) to cut greenhouse emissions from forest and peatland clearing by 26 percent by 2020 as he has promised to the international community.

For detailed reports, please click here, here, here and here.

I hope that the above support from Greenpeace will strengthen the President's determination to cut Carbon Emission in Indonesia.


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping Harry but SBY is up against a huge corporate lobby on this I think?

H. Nizam said...


Yes, I think you are right.

Edwin's Personal Blog said...

Another fact of the 'shadow ecology' on Indonesia. Natural resources awfully devastated by commercial forces in the name of profits..

H. Nizam said...


Yes it's a very saddening fact.