Tuesday, November 10, 2009

National Heroes Day

On 10 November 1945 the army and militia of newly independent Republic of Indonesia fought a fierce battle in Surabaya, East Java, against the British military forces who tried to help the Dutch re-conquer its former South East Asian colony.

Although the Indonesian side suffered military defeat and loose many men & weapons, the battle has strengthened the new nation’s determination for independence and garnered international attention on Indonesia.

For the Dutch, it removed any doubt that Indonesia was not a gang of collaborators that has no popular support. It also had the effect of convincing Britain that wisdom laid on the side of neutrality in Indonesia’s struggle for independence.

Considering the above mentioned facts, every 10 November has been commemorated as Indonesia’s National Heroes Day.


Anonymous said...

A good day for Indonesia to remember. Our village hero is known simply as Pakde. He is 97 now and still active. He fought everyone until Indonesia was free and has a reputation as a fierce man when younger, but in the way of such men he has no bitterness about him and has no hatreds now that what he fought for has been achieved.

H. Nizam said...


All the men who fought at that time do not show any hatreds. Actually most Indonesians are like that. There is no reason to be otherwise, it would get us nowhere.
We celebrate to remind ourselves about the people who defended our country, that's all.

Mike said...

Happy Nation Hero's Day! Nov.10 is also the birthday of the US Marine Corps who have fought for our country's freedom for 234 years. We have much in common.

Harry Nizam said...


Happy belated U.S Marine Corps birthday. Yes we do have much in common.

Thank you for your visit

oigal said...

You missed mentioning the trigger for the battle in Surabaya

H. Nizam said...


Yes, I should mention the shootout between Indonesian militia and British forces that killed Brigadier Gen. Mallaby at the end of October. This caused the British to demand that the Indonesian forces should surrender latest by 10 November, which was refused by the Indonesians.

Thank you for reminding me.

nukay81 said...

I am proud of the fighters in those days, and I was touched by their struggles