Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Criminalization of KPK

Police Commissioner Williardi Mizard, key witness in the murder trial of businessman Nasrudin, has testified that former Chief of Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Antasari Azhar was not involved in the said murder.

Williardi’s shocking testimony was given during a trial session at the District Court of South Jakarta on Tuesday in which he said that he was forced by high ranking National Police officers to mention in the Police report about Antasari’s involvement.

Earlier, a witness in the Police investigation of the Bribery Case against suspended KPK Vice Chairmen Bibid Samad Arianto and Chandra Hamzah has reconfirmed that he never give bribe amounting to +/- 6 billion from Anggodo to both suspects or anyone at KPK. However, he admitted giving the money to Julianto who is still mysterious till now that the Police accused that he was lying.

For details, please click here and here.

The above facts indicated that the Criminalization of KPK may have been quite real. It would be very interesting to know about further development of both cases.


colson said...

Like anyone in his/her right mind I hope and want to believe the incriminating charges against KPK prove to be false. So this is good news.

However, a lot of question remain to be answered. One of them being: why did Antasari while in custody mention Bibit and Chandra as having received bribes? Torture? Spite? Mental collapse?

H. Nizam said...


I also wish that the charges are false.
Re: the reasons for Antasari's allegations against Bibit are Chandra are still unknown, because in his latest press conference he still mentioned same allegations.
If they are true why hadn't he discuss it with them as his subordinates in the first place?
Why must he go to Singapore and met Anggoro for confirmation?
Let's wait and see.