Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Presidential Election

At 10 a.m this morning, I went to the voting station located around 300 meters from my house. After having registered and waiting for around 10 minutes, I cast my vote and placed a finger in the bottle of special marking ink and left.

Unlike in the previous elections, this time I have been confident about whom I want to give my vote too, i.e. the incumbent President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono (SBY) and his running mate former Governor of Central Bank Boediono.
Although I am not satisfied with several matters during SBY's 2004-2009 presidential term, but I believed that if he is given a chance to govern 5 more years, he will be able to improve his performance.

Photo: Complimentary of Media Indonesia - Left: SBY, Right: Boediono -

Apparently, my expectation is similar to that of many other Indonesians, as can be seen from the results of Quick Counts conducted by several Polling Organizations which show that SBY got more than 51% of the votes.
Although it is still too early, but in the previous elections, such Quick Counts results were not very different from the actual counting results of the General Election Commission (KPU).

I hope that the result of KPU’s counting would confirm the results of above Quick Counts so that based on the Presidential Election Law No. 42/2008, SBY can be considered as the winner. If that happens, it will not be necessary to have Second Round Election, therefore saving a whole lot of tax payers’ money, time and energy.
Further, I hope that the other pairs of candidates: former President Megawati /Prabowo and incumbent Vice President Jusuf Kalla/Wiranto would be wise enough to accept the fact, so that our people would have peace of mind and our country's development can be carried out more progressively.


nathalia site said...

siapa pun presidennya yang penting dia harus sadar bahwa dia dipilih oleh rakyat maka penuhilah janjinya, sejahterakan rakyat. Mengenai elit politik yang saling serang dengan mengemukakan berbagai pelanggaran itu hanya warna demokrasi, rakyat sebenarnya tidak memerlukan itu yang dibutuhkan rakyat adalah perbaikan kehidupan mereka.

Harry Nizam H. said...

S e t u j u ........
Yang dibutuhkan adalah presiden yang utamakan kesejahteraan rakyat di - atas segalanya.