Friday, July 3, 2009

Alleged Defamation via Facebook

Facebook has now become a favorite site for alleged Defamation cases in Indonesia, which can be seen from media reports about 3 alleged Defamation cases that took place in three different provinces, North Sulawesi, West Java & Lampung within only one month.

The first case was reported by Bandjarmasin Pos, about Indra Sutriafi, a school teacher in Kotamubagu, North Sulawesi, who was reported to the Police by the town’s Mayor i.e Djelantik Mokodompit for alleged Defamation after Indra wrote in Facebook about the practice of ‘Time Corruption’ in the town’s. According to the Police, Indra is suspected of violating the Penal Code Article 311 with a max. Penalty of 4 years imprisonment.

The second case was reported by Detik about Ujang Romansyah a citizen of Bogor, West Java, who was reported to the Police by his friend Feli Fandini for alleged Defamation after Ujang badly criticized Feli on Facebook.

The third case was reported by Lintas Berita about M. Iqbal, an honorary civil servant of the Forestry Office in Lampung, who was reported to the local Police by his co-worker Virona Bertha, for Defamation after Iqbal badly criticized Virona on Facebook. The Police have suspected Iqbal based on Penal Code Artice 310 with penalty of 9 up to 16 months months imprisonment.

The above cases indicate that some people in our country tend to be much uncontrolled in expressing their feelings toward others via social networking sites like Facebook, which violate the existing law therefore can be indicted. Due to which fact it is important for us all to respect each other and avoid making allegations against other people in public including via Facebook.

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