Wednesday, July 1, 2009

HIV/AIDS Red Alert in West Java

West Java is one of the two Provinces (beside Banten) which have land boundaries with Jakarta, and is famous among others for its beautiful landscape and women.

Many of its big towns are located not far from Jakarta, for example Bogor (60Km) and Bandung (180 Km), and Puncak mountain resort (90 Km) therefore many citizens of Jakarta usually go there during weekends & holidays. This brought positive effect i.e. financial income and negative effects e.g HIV/AIDS to the Province.

The Jakarta Post reported that the Province’s Governor Ahmad Heryawan has just declared HIV/AIDS State of Emergency in the province. The reason is because according to the Province’s HIV/AIDS Commission (KPAD) as of March 2009 there were 2,682 AIDS cases & 1,838 HIV cases. 85 percent, or 3,838 people, living with HIV/AIDS were between the age of 15 and 49 years, meaning that the epidemic would further strain economic and social ties among the community. What is shocking is that the report also mentioned that the number of Housewives living with HIV/AIDS i.e 285, are higher than that of Prostitutes i.e 259. The decease was transmitted from one person to another through Unsafe Sex (without Condoms) and exchange of Needles for injecting Drugs.
Emergency Status was supported by the Chairperson of the National AIDS Commission Nafsiah Mboi.

Further, The Jakarta Globe quoted the head of KPAD Alma Lucyanti as saying that West Java only held the record as the province with the highest number of HIV/AIDS cases because it has the proper public awareness and early detection system to diagnose the cases. Due to which fact, KPAD will pay more attention in providing information about Safe Sex to housewives.

The HIV/AIDS State of Emergency declaration in West Java would make citizens of the province and Jakarta more aware about the decease, avoid sexual intercourse with more than one partner, and/or avoid exchange of needles for injecting Drugs.

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