Thursday, July 16, 2009

Is KPK dying?

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has been under very strong pressure since its Chairman Antasari Azhar was suspended last May after the Police arrested & named him as a Suspect in the murder of Nasrudin Zulkarnaen, director of state owned company PT. Rajawali Sinar Banjaran, on 14 March 2009.

While Antasari's case is still waiting to be tried by a District Court in Jakarta, three of KPK's four Vice Chairmen have been reported to be targets of investigations by the Police and the Attorney General Offce for their alleged involvement in a bribery case. Beside that they were also reported to be involved in telephone tapping.
These reports have worried 3 non government organizations: Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW), Legal Aid Institute and the Society for Judicial Reform , who feared that if the three Vice Chairmen are named as Suspects, they would be suspended from their positions in KPK. If this happens, KPK would be like a toothless Tiger without leaders.

However, Attorney General Hendarman Supanji and Chief of National Police Bambang Danuri have denied the above allegations.

Media reports regarding the above can be read by clicking here, here and here.

Considering that KPK has shown its seriousness in fighting corruption based on KPK Law No. 30/2002, and there are still a whole lots of Corruption cases that need to be handled, I hope that the above reports are not true, and KPK will always be well.


Rob Baiton said...


Yes! And that is truly sad.

The plan seems to be to dismantle the KPK from the top down, and this seems to have the blessing of the powers that be (take that however you like ;D).

Harry Nizam H. said...

Rob .......
The indication is like that, but deep down inside I do hope that it's not true. So, I'll keep my fingers crossed.