Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Roy Suryo

In the last few years, Roy Suryo has claimed himself as a Telecommunication expert, and as such he has frequently made high profile statements regarding the photos/ videos of well known public figures in the news media. This has made Roy as famous as his victims.

But considering that his statements were often premature yet arrogant, his victims would release counter statements to defend themselves. His disclosure of photos of the torture of Agung Setiawan has caused Ananda Mikola and Marcella Zalianty very angry. And his statement regarding the use of our Red & White Flag by the band Dewa, has angered Ahmad Dhani. As a result, lawyers of Roy's victims have initiated legal actions against him.

While his feuds with Ananda Nikola and Ahmad Dhani are still unsettled, Roy has angered two sexy actresses Sarah and Rahma Azhari by stating that the photo of their nude photo is real, which imply that both women deliberately let their photo taken. Due to this fact, their lawyer Farhat Abbas accused Roy of violating information ethic, and on 31 December 2008 Rahma Azhari filed a complaint with the National Police Headquarters. Angered by this action, on 8 January Roy reported Farhat to the General Election Supervision Board (Bawaslu), saying that Farhat as a Candidate for Member of Parliament has violated the Election Law by keep on practicing as a Lawyer.

As a person who believe that everyone in this world is born with a purpose, I have a strange feeling that actually a man like Roy Suryo is needed at a time when our country is facing financial crisis i.e. to distract people's attention from the miseries caused by frequent rise in prices of basic living necessities. That way peace and order can be maintained. Only God knows the truth.



Joni Arief said...

Your conclusion reminds me of Karl Marx's theory on the function of religion : to distract people's attention from their miseries.

Harry Nizam H. said...

Hi Joni,
Thank you for your comment.
I used Marx's theory for a different context. But I am not Marxist, I believe in religion.