Friday, January 2, 2009

The Munir Murder Case

House of Justice painted Green.
Money Talking!

That's the beginning of the song titled And Justice For All by Metallica, which implies that the Court of Law cannot provide Justice because of bribery practices.

I am not sure whether that's what crossed the minds of those who protested against the Verdict of the District Court of South Jakarta last Wednesday, 31 December 2008, which freed former Deputy Chief of the State Intelligence Board (BIN) Muchdi Pr from charges of murder of human rights activist Munir in 2004. But one thing for sure is that lately the mass media has been reporting very frequently about the Verdict, as follows:
Kompas wrote that the Council of Judges of said Court make the decision because there is no evidence which prove that Muchdi Pr is responsible for the murder.
While Okezone quoted Munir's wife Suciwati as saying that Muchdi and former BIN Chief Hendroprijono are involved in the murder, together with Polycarpus who has been found guilty by the Supreme Court. Therefore she urged anyone who knew any information regarding these three persons to contact her. And the Committee for the Solidarity of Munir (Kasum) urged the Attorney General Office to file Cassation against the said Verdict with the Supreme Court, and will request the Judicial Commission to analyze the Verdict.
According to The Jakarta Globe, the Judicial Commission will meet to discuss about the Verdict next Monday. Whereas the Attorney General Office is preparing to file a Cassation against the Verdict with the Supreme Court.
Meanwhile, Tempo wrote that President SBY will study the Verdict, and shall discuss it with the Head of National Police and the Attorney General afterwards.

In view of the above, it would be best if the Law Enforcement agencies i.e the Police, the Attorney General Office, as well as the Judicial Committee and the Court to review this case once again, so that Justice will Prevail.

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