Friday, January 23, 2009

Recruitment thru Facebook

Until a few months ago, I always thought that Facebook is only used by young people to connect with each other for social activities.

Then, I learned that some commercial enterprises have opened Facebook pages to promote their companies as well as their products/services. And yesterday I read an article written by Robert J. Ambrogi in regarding the opening of a Facebook page by a Texas Law Firm i.e. Munsch, Hardt, Kopf & Barr to increase visibility among young associates and law students. The page provides video testimonial, photo albums and other information regarding the Firm and its associates.

In view of the above, I felt that this is a very creative recruitment method which is low cost but effective, therefore can be adopted by Law Firms as well as commercial enterprises in our country where Facebook is very popular among young people.


Shawn said...

Definitely think Facebook is one of those underused commodities on the World Wide Web. Even MySpace can be good to promote some basic business just based on the sheer volume of people who use it. In the end, I think you use the tools that work for your business. That, I think, is the key when deciding what tools to use.

Harry Nizam H. said...

Hi Shawn,
Thank you for your visit & the kind comment which I really appreciate.
I've just been active blogging for 4 months, I still got a lot to learn.

sylvester said...

I know how useful and great social bookmarking sites are great but they are supposed to be social not proffesional bookmarking, what if people were judged for jobs based on their person relationships and comments to their friend on line, would anyone be employed, i know i wouldn't with the amount of jokes and smut. some business actually look for you on face book or my space to get to know you better which is a bit scary. I'm looking for work and am being helped by a recruitment website called recruitment revolution and they are really helping to build my confidence with great advise on finding work, taking my previous experience and making it work over a range of areas to maximise the chance of finding something sooner rather than later.

Harry Nizam H. said...

Thank you for sharing thought and experience.