Friday, January 9, 2009

The Astro TV Case

The Indonesian Ministry of Communication & Information has warned PT Direct Vision, local provider of ASTRO TV, that its broadcasting license may be terminated if it does not resume operation by 20 January 2009.

Kompas quoted the Ministry's Director of Communication & Information Facilities Freddy Tulung as saying that according to the Broadcasting Law, License of a TV broadcasting company that has not operating for three consecutive months may be requested for termination with a District Court. Whereas, PT Direct Vision has stopped broadcasting since 20 October 2008. The Ministry has asked PT Direct Vision several times about the cessation of broadcast and about three matters that concerns public interests: its Customers, its Employee and provider of Broadcasting Contents.
But, PT Direct Vision only replied with their letter 6 January 2009 to inform about their conflict with the Malaysian providers of its broadcasting contents i.e MEASAT Broadcast Network Sdn, Bhd, All Asia Multimedia Networks, and Astro All Asia Network plc. In a letter dated 20 October 2008, PT. Direct Vision mentioned that they have to stop broadcasting because ASTRO Malaysia refused to extend the ASTRO Trademark Agreement and also stopped the Satellite Transmission of their TV Programs.
Meanwhile, Tempo reported that when it stopped broadcasting, PT. Direct Vision has 270,000 Customers and 5,000 employees.

Considering the above, I hope that the Ministry of Communication & Information would make sure that any decision would not inflict losses to the former Customers and Employees of PT. Direct Vision.



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