Saturday, September 3, 2011

U.I and the Saudi King

On 21 August, the University of Indonesia (UI), Jakarta, granted an honorary degree (Doctor Honoris Causa) to the King Abdulah bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia.

Antara news agency reported that the degree was presented to the King by UI's Rector Professor Gumilar Rusliwa Somatri at the King's palace in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. During which the rector said that the King was presented the honorary degree because of his role in establishing Peace and upholding Humanity.

I am very disappointed with the granting of honorary degree to the King of Saudi Arabia, a country ruled by authoritarian regime that recently beheaded an Indonesian migrant worker, that treats women as second class citizen. Especially that the ceremony was not carried out at UI's campus but in Saudi Arabia.


Wisata Murah said...

nah itu para kaum intelektual kita. yang kadang tidak menimbang perasaan rakyat. sudah banyak diproduk orang pintar,tapi rakyat makin mengaduh {read sakit} tak dipedulikan.

saya rasa semua yang diluar garis mereka sangat setuju dengan pendapat anda

colson said...

You are right. It's disappointing, disgusting and an offence to the integrity of the world of science.

Unfortunately the rector isn't the first one and will not be the last one. Worldwide some Universities sometimes are in the bad habit of bestowing Honorary Degrees on not very dishonourable men.

colson said...

I of course meant:"bestowing Honorary Degrees on very dishonourable men".

triesti said...

Wait... Dr.H. for upholding HUMANITY? seriously... if you want to give the man a Dr. H., by all means, it cant be for upholding HUMANITY because it's an insult to the real people who fight for that.

ioneday said...

like your post

H. Nizam said...

@Wisata Murah,
Anda benar mereka tidak menimbang perasaan.

I agree with you that it is disappointing, disgusting and an offence to the integrity of the world of science.

It is very sad that a state owned university like UI could think that way.

I am glad that you like my post. Thank you.

Filipina Ini said...

I understANd your disppointment but when one has power, and another need some economic aid, it's difficult to be really righteous... injustice on earth indeed!

H. Nizam said...

@Filipina Ini,
I agree that nobody's righteous, bu UI is a state subsidized university, thus supported by tax payers money.
Therefore it cannot act like private entrepreneurs, and must pay serious attention to people's feelings and protests.

r10 said...

tapi setidaknya memang wajar bila pemberian gelar dilakukan di arab saudi

biasanya memang begitu pelaksanaan pemberian gelar berlangsung di negara pemberi gelar

contohnya, seperti gelar dari kerajaan inggris, diberikan di inggris

H. Nizam said...

Dalam hal ini pemberi gelar adalah U.I, berarti pemberian gelar harus di Jakarta (atau kampus UI Depok?).

Ria Tumimomor said...

Aku rada gak ngerti nih soal pemberian gelar begini memangnya bisa ya keputusan mutlak satu orang?

H. Nizam said...

Itu masalahnya, keputusan suatu dewan di UI. Kenapa mereka bisa begitu?