Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Roots of Terrorism

Today the National Police announced the identity of terrorist who blew himself at the Church in Solo, Central Java, last Sunday i.e  Pino Damayanto a.k.a Ahmad Yosepa Hayat (31) who was wanted by the Police for his involvement in the suicide bombing at the Police mosque in Cirebon, West Java, last April.

The mass media reported that Ahmad Yosepa and three others were prepared by the Cirebon Terrorist group to carry out suicide bombings.

As a normal human being, I strongly believe that normal human beings would never want to kill themselves and other people for decent reasons.

People who commit suicide to kill others are either frustrated or suffer mental depression or politically or religiously fanatic because of the situation and condition in their lives. Or, alternatively, they are brainwashed or hypnotized by other people who has the power to do so.

All of which can be caused by poverty, lack of education, lack of jobs, injustices, corruption, ugly political condition, etc.

Considering the above, I felt that terrorism cannot be eliminated just by eliminating people who are allegedly involved in any acts of terrorism like urging people to take illegal actions against other people who have different ideology or religion, and/or campaigning illegal actions to the society for example through the internet

Terrorism cannot also be eliminated by merely giving extra-power to the intelligence agencies whose ability and seriousness to detect acts of terror is under question. This is proven from the fact that the Solo bomb exploded just 5 months after the suicide bomb at the Police mosque in Cirebon, although the Police has issued a wanted persons list.
This can also be seen from the fact that violent organizations and website that advocate radical actions like arrahmah.com were allowed to exist.

The best way to eliminate terrorism would be by eliminating all the things that causes terrorism i.e. provide enough job, decent and inexpensive housing, schools, eliminating corruption, fair business competition, decent political practices, law enforcement based on equality before the laws, presumption of innocence and respect of human rights.


Wisata Murah said...

I agree with you

possible root cause is economic and a sense of injustice

and the source of the cause of the chaos that must be eliminated

colson said...

Hear, hear!

Wise words, cool view, good analysis and appropriate program for prevention ( in my opinion).

H. Nizam said...

@Wisata Murah,
Let us hope that the government will immediately do its best to improve the socio-politic-economic condition beside taking security against the terrorists.

Thank you for your compliment.

Luke said...

Hi Harry, I completely agree with your sentiment and words. Prevention is always better than cure.

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

apakah mungkin ini pengalihan isu ya?

H. Nizam said...

Yes prevention is better than cure.

Ada orang2 yang berpikiran seperti anda.

boyin said...

for me the root cause is because we are all so free...when Suharto era..this kind of things will not really had a significant movement...

Munir ardi said...

Yes, we must overcome the first the root of terrorism in our country

r10 said...

negara ini penegakan hukum sangat lemah, sehingga sulit membasmi kejahatan

attayaya-fb said...

lapangan kerja, pemahaman agama yg baik, kesejahteraan, keadilan dll menjadi hal2 yg harus diperhatikan oleh pemerintah.

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

yap, emang banyak yg berpikiran seperti saya. jikapun ini bukan pengalihan isu, bahwa benar aksi teror, bangsa ini (jika tak boleh disebut pemerintah aja) kurang sigap menanggulanginya.. malah ujung-ujungnya membahas hal lain seperti intelejen dsb..

Fahrizi Noer Fajar Azman said...

hmm.. I don't know why in indonesia the problem about teroris never solved.

ya... saya harap masalah teroris ini terselesaikan. saya berfikir ini sebuah pengalihan isu atau semacam nya.

salam hangat.. :)
so long we didn't chating :D

katils said...

kt hars dukng pemerintahan apapun, teroris aku rasa bkan cma di indo sj
tp kritikan ke pemerintah jg perlu demi kemajuan bangsa, asal jgn over, kalau gak menrima kritkan trus dgan cra apapun asal bs di dgar pmrintah, pemerntah mendgar tp dia jg akan mengambl yg terbaik tentunya

Linda said...

Well said. It is unfortunate that people have a tendency to spread fear and hatred.


negara ini butuh ketegasan dalam hukum....


H. Nizam said...

{ also think that all this mayhem can happen because after Suharto Indonesia adopted liberal democracy which for many people is unknown.

@Munir Ardi,
I totally agree.

Asal ada keinginan politik yang kuat pasti bisa terlaksana.

Ada yang mengatakan bahwa bom ini upaya untuk mempercepat UU Interlijen oleh DPR. Hal ini disebut oleh Pak SBY dalam pidato beliau setelah pemboman.

Mudah2an keinginan anda akan segera tercapai.
Senang berjumpa lagi dengan anda, terima kasih.

Setuju! mari kita selalu bersikap positip.

Unfortunately that's how it is.

@PT Usaha Saudara Mandiri,
Mudah2 an akan tercapai.

hajarabis said...

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