Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Never ending Lapindo Hot Mud Flow

On 28 May 2006, PT. Lapindo Brantas, owned by Golkar Party Chairman Aburizal Bakrie, failed to follow standard procedure for drilling natural gas in Sidoarjo, East Java, since then Hot Mud has been flowing continuously.

According to Wikipedia, at its peak the Hot Mud spewed 180,000 m3 a day, at mid August 2011 the quantity decreased to 10,000 m3 from 100,000 m3 a year earlier, all of which has inundated large area of farmland, houses, factories, warehouses, roads.

It is predicted that the Hot Mud in Sidoarjo will keep on flowing for the next 25 to 30 years.

There were different (and conflicting) scientific explanations as to the cause of the Hot Mud Flow, some said that it was caused by an earthquake in Jogyakarta a day earlier, but the Indonesian government has seemingly considered this tragedy as a natural disaster and therefore helped the payment of compensation for the damages suffered by the people hit by the Hot Mud Flow.

I hope that there will be a thorough scientific research conducted by legitimate and credible international scientific organizations that would reveal the truth about the Lapindo Hot Mud tragedy.

This truth is very important, especially for the Golkar Party that has planned to nominate Aburizal Barkrie as a candidate in the 2014 Presidential Election.


Wisata Murah said...

yupz..saya pikir kalau di adakan polling tentang gagasan berlian ini. seluruh masyarakat indonesia (non politisi),, akan setuju

colson said...

I join you in your wish for a independent scientific investigation.

However in a cynical mood I would say that if your name is Bakrie you can buy the truth you want.

bagus said...

In my opinion this is not a natural disaster, it's the fault of the Lapindo. And I would disagree Aburizal Bakri's nomination for president, he's taking care masaah posed by the company alone can not be wrong, what else would lead this country. That may not be able to.

voice of solo said...

harus ada keberanian untuk memindah / relokasi, demi masa depan