Friday, September 16, 2011

The Sex & Business Activities of Gayus Tambunan

Former Taxman Gayus Tambunan was arrested by the Indonesian Police in Singapore and brought back to Jakarta at the end of May 2010.

Last May, the Jakarta High Court sentenced Gayus to ten years in prison for misuse of Taxpayers money, which is seven years higher than the sentence of the South Jakarta District Court.

In spite of the facts that I just mentioned, Gayus's life in prison is far from miserable, as a matter of fact he seemed to be having a good time and can get what he wants, including Sex and Business sctivities.

He was able to get his wife Meilana pregnant (6 months), which means that he can have sex while in prison, something that cannot be done by other prison inmates because our Prison Law does give possibility for prison inmates to have sex.

Further, he was also able to make a business deal with another prison inmate that caused him to suffer financial loss amounting to Rp 4 Billion. Which means that he can bring that amount of money to the prison, something that not many innocent people can do even outside prison.

The Ministry of Law and Human Rights which manage jails in Indonesia is currently investigating the above cases.


colson said...

It looks like it is a never-ending series of amazing and worrying incidents. This story itself is so crazy it almost makes one burst out laughing.

The sad part is that it indicates the weird situation in the justice system. On the other hand the (social)media, the press, that is publicity can and do openly criticize these abuses. Therefore I expect ultimately corrections to be implemented.

PS: Though pregnancy doesn't necessarily has to be caused by the husband, I take it from you Gayus is the biological father of the baby :).

triesti said...

@colson, I thought the same, it might be by someone else :)

Wisata Murah said...

That's great gayus
and that evidence of corrupt officials who authorized

RingBali said...

it's not gayus have his wife pregnant but her neighbor.... hehe

That was the Karma he he lose his money 4 billion in jail...cheat by some one...

by the way thousand of follower is a great achievement for a blogger congratulation multibrand...

btw i didn't spot any adsene that I had ever seen or other adv

Fahrizi Noer Fajar Azman said...

penegakan hukum di indonesia makin parah saja....

Inilah akibat pemerintah yang kurang tegas dalam penegakan hukum. Hukum seperti mainan saja di Indonesia

vira said...

hii salam kenal iya dari vira .. :)
jangan lupa mapir keweb vira iya di vira mau berbagi pengalaman nih.:)
wah bagus juga iya blog ka2 ... ^_^ good luck iya.....

Ria Tumimomor said...

and they will keep on investigate with nothing in result

H. Nizam said...

We can only hope that there will be corrections.
PS: I also agree that the pregnancy does necessarily indicate that Gayus is responsible .,. ha ha ha

Yeah .... it might be.

@Wisata Murah,
Gayus shows that a jailed man who has lots of money can do anything.

@Ring Bali,
It can be a karma for all the bad things that he has done to our country like you said.
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Semoga keadaannya membaik dimasa depan.

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