Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spying on Facebook and Twitter

A few months ago, Twitter micro-blog and Facebook social network have enabled millions of people in Tunisia and Egypt to communicate, coordinate and document protests against their governments which in the end forced their authoritarian presidents to step down from power.

Now Twitter and Facebook are playing similar roles in other countries in the Middle East like Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iran, and perhaps in other parts of the world.

Due to the above mentioned facts our Defense Minister Purnomo once told reporters that Twitter has the potential to be a non military threat to our national security.

According to OkeZone, the Chief of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Sutanto said last Tuesday that his agency has been monitoring Facebook and Twitter to look for dangerous and subversive activities. In this case BIN will coordinate with the Minister of Communication and Information who will take necessary action.

Sutanto added that BIN will not take direct action but it will give early warnings to government institutions so that they can function well.

I hope that beside spying on Facebook and Twitter, BIN will also be monitoring very closely other dangerous activities which have been terrorizing our society lately i.e. the spread of so many bomb packages in many parts of Indonesia.


triesti said...

I've known that our government monitor mailing list from years ago, way before facebook & twitter booming. So nothing new. The thing is, would our government shut down the internet like in Egypt? If so, what's our alternative? Back in early 90s I used IBM and I was told they connected directly to Spore. Dont know if it's true. But it sure was expensive.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

They keep trying and eventually fall.

Multibrand said...

I hope that they would be spying on people who are far more dangerous and love violence.

Yes, they never learn lessons from others.

d'zaro said...

This truly unique in this century. never happened in previous years there is a social networking becomes the primary medium of political movement, so that the overthrow of a power .. incredible!
have a nice weekend for you!

Multibrand said...

Hi D'Azaro,
Yes, now an online social network and microblog can be used as a tool to overthrow a government.
Have a nice weekend to you too.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha even if they spied
on ordinary people's facebook, the
most they would get are outing
pictures and insignificant ramblings on the people's daily
activities. Is that what they
are looking for ? :))) Lol

In the meantime the people who
are really "dangerous" are
happily sending away bomb parcels
and commiting crime after crime
while the authorities were too
absorbed with their important work on facebook.

Don't think the terrorists
will be informing the world
on their plans via social media though.....

colson said...

Funny man. Frightened man as well. Afraid of his compatriots. I wonder do they have a bad conscience?

So here we are again: the irresistible urge authorities have to control their subjects. They tend to distrust us. They always try to put the rules of democracy upside down . Twitter is just another pretext. While they sometimes illegally conceal their actions for which they should be held accountable, they freely invade the privacy of civilians which should be respected.

Now since we are civilians and no subjects, we may wonder why should trust them any better.

Chase them away! Vote them out of office.

Multibrand said...

@Bear Wife,
I agree with you that while they are monitoring harmless people on FB and Twitter, the real dangerous men are terrorizing people by spreading bomb parcels without any difficulty. A very disgusting fact!

If you are referring to the prez he will end his office by 2014 and cannot be elected again.
People are saying that they hesitate to take action against real life violators of the laws, so they just do it on harmless people, BUT their action against popular sites will make them popular. Maybe that's what they want, for 2014 election.

r10 said...

Masyarakat pasti merasa terganggu bila aktivitasnya di Twitter dan Facebook diawasi