Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Intelligence Bill

The House of Representatives is currently working with the government on the Intelligence Bill :

According to Detik News, there are 12 crucial matters in this Bill :
-  Definition of Intelligence 
-  Eavesdropping/phone tapping
-  Secret Intelligence Information
-  The right intelligence agency to arrest suspects
-  The creation of an Intelligence Coordinating Agency to coordinate intelligence network
-  Supervision of Intelligence agency
-  Organization and Functions of intelligence agency : foreign, domestic, military, law enforcement
-  The Structure and Position of intelligence agency
-  Personnel and Recruitment
-  Codes of Ethics and Prohibitions
-  Demilitarization of the Intelligence agency
-  The rights of victims of Intelligence agency

According to The Jakarta Globe, the government has insisted that the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) should be given the authority to arrest  suspected terrorists before they attack, as well as other people suspected of espionage and subversion.

Some lawmakers and NGO refused to give authorities to arrest and eavesdrop, because they feared that such authority might be abused. Recent release of the Wikileaks alleged that President SBY has used intelligence agency to spy on his political rivals, but was denied by the President and government officials. 


dee said...

Thanks for sharing so much informative things Harry!

Multibrand said...

Hi Deasy,
I am glad to see you again. Thanks.

Rubiyanto Sutrisno said...

nice post .....

colson said...

The best part of it is the demilitarisation part ( that is if it contains practical measures to do that).

Multibrand said...

I am glad that you like this post.

Actually military personnel functioning as spies is something usual all over the world. Because they are suitable for the job.
What we want to do here is to have civilian control over intelligence agency.

Furree Katt said...

i always wanted to know how phone tapping works! it seems really cool.

mas raden said...

hy thanks for sharing about the intelligence bill

Multibrand said...

@Furree Katt,
Hmmmm ... you are thinking of eaves dropping on your boyfriend ? LOL

@Mas Raden,
I am glad that you like this post. Thanks.

colson said...

Harry: I agree. Military men, diplomats, expats, journalists - each and everybody can and has been active as a spy in foreign countries and companies. But intelligence within the own borders should be demilitarized. The military are not for law and order at home. That's a matter to be dealt with by a civil part of the authorities ( and of course being supervised by a special committee of the parliament.

Multibrand said...

Hi Colson,
Frankly speaking in a way I like the way military men are doing things, not politicking, straight to the point
But civilians should be given chance to learn how to be strong leaders.

colson said...

@ Harry: Do you really think the Indonesian military after the Abdul Harris Nasution generation, that fought and won the war of Independence ( or rather managed not to loose - because victory over the Dutch was mainly achieved by politicians like Hatta, Sjahrir and Soekarno actually), have been a blessing to the country?

Multibrand said...

Hi Colson,
A very interesting question.
Like in many other countries, our independence was achieved because of collaboration between politicians, military which at that time called people's army, and ordinary people.
But the Soeharto regime tried to show that the military played the most important role at that time.