Thursday, March 3, 2011

Carlos Santana will play in Jakarta

Mexican-American Rock Guitarist Carlos Santana is one of the few musicians in the world who accompanied me in my journey of life.

I first listened to Santana's popular hit Black Magic Woman on the radio when I was a little boy in the early '70s, and had got me mesmerized. I loved this song and his other song in Santana's record album Abraxas, that my dad bought me that album

After that Santana released other nice albums, among others Love, Devotion & Surrender, but none of them was as popular as his first album.

In 2000, Santana released the album Supernatural (including the hit Maria-Maria) that won nine Grammy Awards.

In 2002, Santana released the album Shaman, and one of the hits i.e. The song Game of Love won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals.

And according to The Jakarta Globe, Carlos Santana will play at the International Java Jazz Festival which will be held from 4 March (Friday) until 6 March (Sunday) at the International EXPO in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, and Santana will play on Friday and Saturday.
Tickets can be ordered Online : Rp 747.500,- for Friday, and Rp 862.500,- for Saturday PLUS Daily Pass of Rp 402.500,- OR Three Day Pass of Rp 862.500,- (all prices are inclusive Tax).

Photo :  Courtesy of Wikipedia


dee said...'s gonna be an interesting concert! I adore his guitar performance, also his niece which is still indonesia descent Michelle Branch, she is great in playing guitar also. Thanks Harry for share this;)

King Money said...

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attayaya_komodo said...

tuh lagu asik

dinoo blogging said...

maria maria ternyata lagu Carlos Santana, bagus lagunya memang!!

colson said...

Though I've to admit to me the real thing happened in the sixties (Dylan, Hendrix, Stones, Beatles, Joplin), these pop music artists of the seventies are dear to me too. If only for the guitar slicks by Santana.

When punk came on stage I disconnected.

Multibrand said...

It's good to know that Santana has a niece who has Indonesian descendant.

@King Money,
Fyi, I always visit and comment the blogs of those who visit my blog, I even follow them.
I'll go to yours now.

Memang pantas lagu Maria-Maria mendapat Grammy Award.

Memang lagu yang bagus.

Bob Dylan, Beatles,Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones and Janis Joplin were great musicians.
Although I didn't like punk music but there were some punk bands that I like e.g the Police, and also a Dutch band that sang Fred Astaire.

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

makin banyak aja nih artis dunia ke sini.. yeah! \m/

the dream catcher said...

are you going to see him on stage, Harry?

Wisata Murah said...

we found has an almost identical taste in music
Devotion & Surrender song ever to be my favorite song

Multibrand said...

Banyaknya musisi dunia ke Indonesia akan membantu memperbaiki citra negara kita dimata dunia.

@Ria/The Dream Catcher,
Yes I plan to.

@Tips Wisata Murah,
Yeah I am glad that we shared same types of musics.

Anonymous said...

mmhh...wanna see this concert...i like santana as a original player guitar on this planet.. :)

Multibrand said...

Hi Julianus,
Yes Santana is a great guitarist

Meutia Halida Khairani said...

i remember The Game of Love featuring Michelle Branch. it's really nice song ;)

Multibrand said...

Hi Meutia,
Yes Michelle Branch sang The Game of Love so well.

r10 said...

permainan gitar carlos santana sangat hebat... bukti bahwa untuk menjadi musisi sukses tak harus menjadi penyanyi

Multibrand said...

Anda tepat sekali! Santana adalah bukti suksesnya seorang gutarist dan arranger yang bukan penyanyi.