Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crimebook, the Anti-Social Network

Facebook is so popular as a Social Network media, that it has inspired many people to take advantage of it.

It inspired movie makers to produce, gained popularity and money from the movie " The Social Network "

Unfortunately, Facebook has also been used by many people to do bad things. For example there were some Court cases in Indonesia which originated from disputes caused by what people wrote on Facebook.

And recently, I read on Legal Blog Watch about Nick Webber (19) and Ryan Thomas (18) in the United Kingdom, who have been convicted and face up to five years in prison " for running a US$ 26 million Facebook-style website for Criminals described in court as 'Crimebook "

Legal Blog Watch quoted a report in The Age which described the said site as a very "anti-social network" run on a website called, and allowed as many as 8,000 members to exchange details about thousands of stolen credit cards and hacked bank accounts.

The judge in the case described Crimebook as a "criminal enterprise offering sophisticated advice on how to hack into computers, cause them to malfunction and retrieve personal information from computers -- and how to do it on a massive scale."

Police reportedly found 100,000 stolen credit card details on one of the two young men's laptops and traced the information back to the site. After their arrests in 2009, the 18- and 17-year-old skipped bail and fled to Majorca, but they were apprehended last year after returning to the U.K. Both have now pleaded guilty to "conspiracy to make or supply articles for use in fraud, encouraging or assisting offenders, and conspiracy to commit fraud."


Wisata Murah said...

dengan munculnya Jaringan Anti-Sosial semacam Crimebook ini kita mesti hati hati sekali kalau begitu. karena tidak menutup kemungkinan Crimebook2 lain sudah ada cuma kita belum mendapat informasinnya.. thnk infonya

colson said...

Brains and an entrepreneurial attitude obviously don't protect teenagers from choosing a criminal career.

On the other hand: how naive can they be be thinking their actions on internet will remain secret?? Eighteen and nineteen and their life already in ruins

hendri said...

tulisan yang bagus
makasih ya udah share..\
kunjungi jg bahan bacaan saya :
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tikno said...

Is this a sadly effect from freedom of expression?

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

perang dimulai? ~(˘▽˘~)(~˘▽˘)~

Furree Katt said...

that's terrible! :O

colson said...

@ tikno: I don't quite understand. So please do pursue the matter further to explain in what way freedom of expression could have been the cause of internet fraud.

tikno said...

@ Colson,
Not because of the principle of freedom of expression itself. Just my tickle question. Hopefully Harry don't mind.

BeBek said...

waduh, harus hati-hati nih mulai sekarang menggunakan social network...

Multibrand said...

@Wisata Murah,
Memang harus hati2 dengan situs jejaring sosial.

When they committed the crime
they were only 17 and 18.
At that ages they already have advanced skills that only very
few older people posses.
What a waste of talent.

Terima kasih atas pujiannya. Saya pasti kunjung balik.

Such (cyber) crime also exists in countries where expression is very restricted like China.

Mudah2an tidak akan terjadi perang benaran.

@Furree Katt,
Yes, terrible indeed.

@Colson and @Tikno,
I think the question is very interesting.

Memang harus hati2 terutama dalam mencantumkan identitas.

Jolly Princess said...

I felt sad about this desperate behavior to earn a living or enrich themselves. I hope the authorities would have stiffer punishment for these internet shenanigans.

Multibrand said...

Hi JP,
It is a big pity that these teenagers used their special talent and skills very wrongly.

r10 said...

crimebook situs berbahaya krn memberikan informasi ilegal

*tapi sebenarnya di indonesia juga banyak kok, lihat saja forum/blog yg menyediakan link download ilegal (bajakan)

Multibrand said...

Menurut UU Hak Cipta copy atau down load tanpa izin diperbolehkan untuk kegiatan non profit asalkan menyebut nama dan link dari sumbernya.
Selain dari itu bisa digolongkan sebagai kejahatan pembajakan hak cipta.