Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Peace Loving People

Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the Java Jazz Festival has been carried out successfully and peacefully at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.

According to the event's organizer, around 150,000 people came to watch live performances by world class musicians like Carlos Santana, George Benson, Corine Bailey Rae, George Duke, Bob James, together with many Indonesian jazz musicians like Bubi Chen, Barry Likumahua, etc. The number of audience has increased almost 50% compared to last year's 103,000 people.

Actually the above success in maintaining peaceful events attended by large crowd is not very special for us. Because on 17 February 2011 we have also been successful in organizing an open air rock concert by British rock group Iron Maiden at the Ancol beach resort, North Jakarta attended by around 20,000 people..

Beside that, last December we have also successfully organized several football matches part of the Asean football tournament (AFF-Suzuki Cup) in Jakarta where more than 80,000 people attended per match, even when our national team lose against the champion i.e. the Malaysian team

Considering the above, I believe that the people of Indonesia are peace loving people. I therefore hope that this would make the government and law enforcement agencies more confident in enforcing the laws and never hesitate to take necessary actions against anyone who violates.

That way, Indonesia would be a more peaceful and better place to live for its citizens, and more foreigners would want to come to our country.


smp3lembang said...

maaaf kemarin komentarnya soal daniel craig kok muncul anonymous he he saya salah pilih profil , event organizernya luar biasa ya pak sudah biasa dengan event-event besar

tukangpoto said...

Great music, great venue!

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

peace, love, n gaul..!

colson said...

People who love music are decent people who will always vote the candidates of whose program is: make music and "love, not war" :).

I guess you really, really enjoyed the concerts last weekend :).

Multibrand said...

Seharusnya keberhasilan EO swasta dalam mengendalikan keamanan dijadikan contoh untuk mengendalikan keamanan dibidang lainnya.

Yes it was great.

Yes its should also be for "gaul".

Yes it was a great weekend.

ReBorn said...

hi pak, how are u?

that was a great show. indonesian musician now can be competed with foreign misician. :)

maen ke tempat saya ya pak. :)

DS. Utomo said...

We, Indonesian people, love FREEDOM, but love more PEACE !

Teras Info said...

Sayang sekali, saya tidak bisa melihat acara ini...hmm..

King Money said...
Nice blogs... nice article... Bravo Java Jive Festival... please visit my blogs. Thanks

Multibrand said...

I am glad to see back here again. I will surely check your blog.

Yes pak, we love peace more than freedom.

@Teras Info,
Masih ada tahun depan.

@King Money,
Thank you for the nice words.

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

makasi ya pak, dari komentar bapak di blog saya, saya jadi inget lagi kalo kejadian PKI itu tahun 65. :)

Multibrand said...

Sebagai sesama blogger kita saling sharing dan dukung.

Senja said...

pasti keren musik dan pengisi acaranya ^^

selamat malam pak,...apa kabar ?

attayaya_komodo said...

peace on earth

masyarakat cinta damai dan ramah tamah

Terrans said...

I agree, when you love music you usually carry piece in you. Who loves to fight and causes Wars. As you know every country protects its Citizens from eventual War. There are millions organizations involved with promoting and protecting the Peace of its Citizens. Imagine if we did not learn from our history, for example the consequences from World War II were devastating for many countries damaging the economical, governmental and public area and leaving millions of killed and families in hunger and devastation. I am happy to see you participated actively in this important musical event. Come to visit and support and Thank you always for your support, Terrans

Anonymous said...

Perhelatannya dah usai
dan saya gak nonton :(

B.S.U. said...

Nice,,, :)

Multibrand said...

Halo Irma, senang berjumpa dengan anda lagi disini. Saya baik2 saja.
Iya memang acaranya keren.

Memang bangsa kita pada dasarnya cinta damai dan ramah.

You are absolutely right.
Music has and will always bring peace of mind to people, therefore in the end has an ability to create peace on earth.
I'll check your blog.

Tahin depan akan diadakan lagi.

I am glad that you like my blog.

hendri said...

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Multibrand said...

Hi Hendri,
Thanks. I'll check your blog now.