Sunday, December 5, 2010

The National Soccer Team

Last night I watched on TV the Indonesian national soccer team beat the Laos team with a very convincing score of 6-0 in the AFF Suzuki Cup tournament.

That was the second victory for our national team after they beat the Malaysian team with a score of 5-1 last Wednesday, 1 December.

Coached by Alfred Riedl (Austrian) and lead by the Captain Firman Utina(29) the national team has good players, the most notable ones were Irfan Bachdim (22) , Christian Gonzalez (34), Octovianus Maniani (20).

These two victories make the national team as the winner in Group A and ensure that they will go to the Semifinal. Next Tuesday evening (7.30 pm), they will play against Thailand.

Video Pertandingan Indonesia vs Malaysia 5-1 (Blogg3r)
Indonesia vs Laos 6-0 (Youtube)
Indonesia Keen to rest Key Players vs Thailand (The Jakarta Globe)

Photo: Courtesy of The Jakarta Globe


colson said...

Wow. Amazing. The team looks like a squad with a few very promising very young talents.

cicitHJHASSANu said...


tahniah untuk kalian semua,itu baru betul main bola...targetnya untuk menang,bukannya 'main-main' seperti kami.

kelebihan bermain di laman sendiri juga ada faktornya.

moga indonesia jadi juara.bravo!

dee said...

baru kali ini Indonesia terlihat menunjukkan taji'nya.. saya juga jadi semangat nonton Timnas, bukan hanya semenjak ada Irfan Bachdim lho hehe..tapi memang ada kemajuan di Timnas,, salut deh sama Alfred Riedl! Bravo Indonesia...semoga nanti menang sampai di final.. Have a nice day Harry Nizam!

Passionate Blogger said...

i watched m'sia v indonesia game too. i don't think the m'sian team was poor as the scoreline suggest, though the defence was a big letdown. malaysian team is still with a chance to go to the semi-final. i hope indonesia will do malaysia a favour by beating thailand. hopefully we meet again in the final.:D

aciid !!!!!! said...

prtandingan slanjutna makin bikin optimis indonesia psti menang :)

Jolly Princess said...

Congrats to Indonesian team! Applause! Applause!:)

I believe there is no representative from my country. :(

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

kita gag boleh jumawa. filipina juga lagi menanjak. kita harus kuat ampe akhir!

H. Nizam said...

They are a mixture of old and young. The rising star Irfan Bachdim (22) used to be a Dutch citizen, father Indonesian mother Dutch.

Terima kasih atas ucapannya.

Mudah2-an ini awal perjalanan menuju sukses bagi sepak bola dinegara kita.

@Ismail/Passionate Blogger,
In Indonesia there is a saying : as long as the ball is round anything can happen, so it is possible that our team meet the Malaysian team in the final.

Mudah2-an demikan jadinya.

Thank you.
This is ASEAN Football Federation Cup, the Philippines lead in Group B in Hanoi, playing very well, beat Vietnam 2-0. They'll go to semi-final.

Mudah2an tim kita tidak besar kepala dulu karena seperti anda katakan Filipina di grup B juga sedang menanjak,

Edwin's Blog said...

it's a passion.. our national team performance is something to look after now. now we have a sexy national team...

Bear Wife said...

Now Indonesia has something
to look forward to besides
putting hopes on the national
badminton team....

Malaysia catch up...catch up..
Apakah yang terjadi ?

H. Nizam said...

Hopefully their passion plus hard and smart works would be upgared so that we can have sexier soccer team.

@Bear Wife,
Yes you are right.
The most important thing about this tournament is that it will make closer relationship among ASEAN countries.

boyin said...

I do really hope that it will become the resurgence of Indonesian football, proven by the huge of Indonesian enthusiastic including me.

H. Nizam said...

Hi Boyin,
Let us hope that our team would win the tournament. Our nation need the victory at a time when so many bad things happened : corruption, poverty, disasters.

AZMI said...

Maju terus Indonesia...ini baru reformasi sepak bola indonesia....

H. Nizam said...

Mudah2an timnas bola kita bertambah maju dengan memperbaiki kekurangan yang ada selama ini.