Thursday, December 2, 2010

HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign

During last night's Bukan Empat Mata talk show on Trans7 TV, presenter and social activist Dr. Luna Kamal shared about the difficulties she encountered in campaigning HIV/AIDS awareness to the public.

She said that when she talked to some men and women about the importance of using Condoms for men who make love to prostitutes, one woman has asked her why is she promoting  free sex.

It seems that the Ministry of Education is also having difficulty  in campaigning HIV/ AIDS awareness to school students.  This can be seen from its refusal to provide special lesson about HIV/AIDS at schools.

Kompas quoted the Minister of Education M. Nuh as saying that information about HIV/AIDS shall not be given in special lesson at schools but will instead be integrated into various lessons e.g Religion, Biology, Sociology etc.

Considering that HIV/AIDS is an incurable and very contagious decease, and the number of people infected  in Indonesia is growing rapidly, I hope that the government would drastically increase HIV/AIDS awareness campaign to the public, especially school students.    

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Luke said...

Hi Harry,
I remember the English Governments campaign about the risk of HIV and HIV Aids and the slogan was simple 'Dont die of Ignorance' however I think something stronger here would be needed.
How possible would it be in the near future for the law makers of this country to pass a law making the teaching of Sex, Social taboos, Drugs etc become part of the curriculum for all schools?
If they can threated Ariel with 16 years in jail for a naughty video, what could they sentence a school or its owners who refused to teach its students modern social issues and the dangers they present?

yadiebaroos said...

don't forget to your husband/wife &your children, so you can't die by the HIV virrus

ReBorn said...

I agree there should be a sex lesson. at least there are efforts from the government to handle these problems.

colson said...

@ Hear, hear.

The virus is there.It can't be chased away by moralizing. Therefore being pragmatic is the one thing people can do. Prevention, fighting prejudice,advocating the use of condoms (by worldly, religious, educational and professional authorities on all levels) and making ( life long) treatment of the infected persons part of public health.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

I recall the ignorance of the South African government in relation to HIV/Aids - that country now has a horrific level of the virus.

Countries just have to accept that HIV/Aids exists there and do something about it without getting all tied up in knots moralising about the subject.

the dream catcher said...

ah, well... Many people think that since now they know how to use protection they could have sex anytime with anyone... And that's why many still automatically think...AH, YOU TEACH THEM ABOUT USING CONDOM...IT MEANS YOU ARE GIVING THEM PERMISSION TO HAVE SEX... sighed...

dee said...

Yes! Let's support HIV/ AIDS Awareness Campaign! Starts from ourself..starts from the little things.. more aware and be safe! Thanks Harry for share this.

cicitHJHASSANu said...

salam sahabat...

kempen hiv aids tidak akan berjaya sekiranya tidak bersandarkan tuntutan agama...

dengan banyaknya elemen hiburan dan konsert2 mega boleh menyebabkan hiv aids menular...coz of free sex and drugs consumption

kembali kepada agama samawi

H. Nizam said...

@Hi Luke,

Hey I like that slogan :
" Don't die of Ignorance "
I think that's the kind of slogan that is very suitable for Indonesia.
But like you said we need more than just a slogan, what we need is a strong will to take action against the spread of HIV/AIDS here.
For which purpose campaigns should be boosted, like how it is done in Thailand, Malaysia etc.
For students, sex education should inevitably be started.


I fully agree with you that if we never forget about our wife and children, we would not be tempted to have extra-marital affair, therefore avoid possibility of infected by HIV/AIDS.


Sex education should be given at schools. For which purpose a best method suitable for Indonesia must be studied.


HIV/AIDS can only be prevented or minimized non stop strong efforts to make people, esp. the young ones, aware about it and it's threat to human beings. Such efforts doesn't necessarily mean that morality can be violated. It is the duty of the government to find the best possible way to do that.

@Peter/Kiwi Riverman,
I fully agree with you, our govt should learn from what happened in South Africa. Hiv/Aids can be avoided/minimized if the govt lead the people in taking an all out action.

@Ria/The Dream Catcher,
Ee can minimize the spread of Hiv/Aids without violating moral. For that, the govt has the money and facility to find the best way via research, survey. A very strong will is needed to do that.

Yes we should start by ourselves.

Pemberantasan Hiv/Aids bisa tanpa melanggar ketentuan agama. Untuk itu pemerintah bersama tokoh agama dan masyarakat harus bekerjasama yang erat untuk mencari cara yang paling baik.

DS. Utomo said...

I fully agree with you, mas Harry. Prevention is better than maintenance !

H. Nizam said...

Pak Utomo,
You are right, preventing is better than maintenance.

June_Butterfly said...

Very delicate subject indeed.But I don't think it's bad to open the eyes of our youngs to some danger that lurks around them.

Aids has always been a hidden problem of society because it is treated as a plague and a shame.But there are true victims of these.Innocent lives desrtroyed.Hope the people in authority would be more open to educate kids about this,and also misinformed adults

Btw,about the poem you want to post here,you're most welcome to do so.Anytime,Harry!Would be my privilege.

H. Nizam said...

Yes, we must open the eyes of young people so that they realize about the danger of hiv/aids.
Hope the people in authority would be more open to educate kids about this,and also misinformed adults

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H. Nizam said...

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