Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Indoleaks the Indonesian WikiLeaks

On 28 November 2010, WikiLeaks started to publish 251,287 leaked classified cables transmitted by U.S embassies in many countries, and last Tuesday its founder Julian Assange was arrested in London.

I was hoping that there would be a surprise from the 3,059 cables sent by U.S Embassy in Jakarta when  the news about IndoLeaks emerged.

According to Chanel 6 News Online, in just two days after launching of the website www.indoleaks.org on Human Rights Day, 10 December 2010, more than 100,000 documents have been downloaded by its users.

The website published, among others, the following documents :
Visum on victims on victims of the Indonesian Communist Party
Audit on Lapindo Mud Flow by the State Audit Agency
US Embassy report about Timor
Fact finding report about Munir

Unlike WikiLeaks which mentioned the name of its founder, Indoleaks does not mention any names of person/company who founded and managed the website, therefore it is difficult to give comment about it.

 Photo : Courtesy of Indoleaks.


ReBorn said...

what I read in indoleaks, the news is too excessive. but I am quite happy to read it even if do not already know it's true or not.

colson said...

Knowing what happened to Assange I regret but understand the people behind Indoleaks want to remain anonymous. Though of course it's ironic a site which pretends to further transparency itself is secretive.

As hundreds of thousands of documents don't make a good or easy read, what's needed is a) professional media journalists who take responsibility to provide context to documents and b) the help of internet users to point out to these professionals what they think is useful and important.

aciid !!!!!! said...

kayagna sekarang lgi gembor2 ya wikileaks

the dream catcher said...

this is a silly question, how in the heck Wikileaks got the documents?

H. Nizam said...

In spite of all the doubts about Indoleaks, its existence is good for the development of information in Indonesia.

Impossible to trust information released by anyone who refuse to identify themselves.
I fully agree with what you said about what must be done by Indoleaks.

Benar, sampai orang membuat versi Indonesianya : Indoleaks.

@Ria/The Dream Catcher,
Your question is also asked by many other people.
According to its website Wikileaks published information leaked by some people at the US embassies in many countries, incl. Indonesia.
Indoleaks said their sources are anonymous.

sikujang.blogspot.com said...

I do not agree if someone publish state secrets related to defense or diplomatic relations. However for security reasons the state should have a secret. Except for other problems associated with government deceit, abuse of authority, the judicial mafia and in other government institutions, the public must be told, so justice can be upheld, because now the judiciary can not be trusted. Where should we have to find the justice.

H. Nizam said...

Like it or not citizens of a country have, concluded some sort of a contract with the country whereby they will live peacefully, and in return they have pay tax, loyalty, and restriction of certain freedom incl. access to certain information.