Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Supreme Court's Gift to Prita

Prita Mulyasari, mother of two toddlers, was detained by the Police for three weeks last year because she sent e-mail to her friends complaining about the sub-standard service provided to her by OMNI International Hospital in Tangerang, Banten province.

Prita was then named Defendant in both Civil and Criminal cases of Defamation brought by the hospital and its doctors.

In the Criminal case, the Tangerang District Court acquitted Prita of all charges, however, the Prosecutors filed an Appeal with the Banten High Court.

Whereas in the Civil case the said Court, and afterward the High Court fined her Rp 204 million in damage.

And last Friday, the Supreme Court passed a verdict for the Civil case and decided that Prita should not pay the fine.

I hope that for the Criminal case, the Supreme Court would also pass a verdict that would be favorable for Prita and free her from all charges.

For details, please read the following articles :

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Photo :  Courtesy of Suara Merdeka.


DS. Utomo said...

A javanese proverb says "Becik ketitik, ala ketara", it means "The truth will appear later"

H. Nizam said...

Pak Utomo,
I like the proverb, let me quote:
"Becik ketitik, ala ketara"
Thank you for sharing.