Saturday, October 16, 2010

Moratorium on Deforestration

The destruction of rain forest and peat lands is the major reason Indonesia has been considered as the world's third-largest emitter of Greenhouse Gases blamed for Global Warming.
In order to stop the destruction, on 27 May Indonesia and Norway signed an agreement whereby Indonesia pledged a two years Moratorium on Deforestation, and Norway will pay US$ 1 Billion in return.

To ensure the implementation of said agreement, the government has taken necessary steps to stop the new cutting of forest trees, among others by stop giving new licenses.

Beside that, steps has also been taken to reduce criticism on the massive deforestration in Indonesia, i.e. by denying the entrance of Greenpeace's ship Rainbow Warrior into Indonesian territory. This is obvious because Greenpeace has been criticizing Indonesia for massive destruction of forest and peatlands to make way for Palm Oil plantations.

I hope that the government would always set and implement forestation policy based on the interests of the Indonesian people. Therefore illegal and massive cuttings of forest trees must be stopped, and ensure that protected forests would not be violated, with or without other countries' assistance. 

For details, please read the following articles :
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Rainbow Warrior denied entry to Indonesia : Greenpeace (AFP)

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ASPeMusik said...

A good day for global warming articles
on the day that all people on this holiday
news could reach the goal for thought

selamat pagi menjelang siang Sob..sukses selalu...slm

Edwin's Personal Blog said...

i think it's good for global warming fight initial. indonesia has a huge coverage. many forests devastated inside. massive renewal is badly needed to reduce greenhouse gases' attack..

colson said...

At first glance that's good news. Especially since this month the import of "illegal" wood has become a criminal offence in the EU.

However Indonesia's government's fear of total transparency makes me suspicious.

If keeping critics of deforestation ( i.c. Greenpeace) out country is meant to smother critical comments on the country's policies and behaviour, I can predict that will not work.

H. Nizam said...

We are now facing global warming i.e
weather uncertainty causing harvest failure forcing us to import rice.
There's also the floods in Papua caused by cutting of forest.

Yes there should be serious efforts to replant forests trees to minimize the effect of global warming.

EU's move shall force log exporting countries to stop illegal process.
I agree that any effort to shut monitoring of deforestation would not be successful.

ReBorn said...

in addition, green peace should not only criticizing indonesia. green peace should criticizing industrialized countries too. this countries significantly producing global warming over the world.

genial said...

I hate to have to write this, but no one knows yet the extent of the contamination of the environment, so it’s close to impossible to know when the water will be drinkable and the air breathable..

It might bring emotional comfort for people to be able to go back, but it’s dangerous for their health.

H. Nizam said...

I agree with you, Greenpeace and other environment activists should also criticize industrialized countries who are actually producing much more polutions than Indonesia.

The best thing would be to make the producers of pollutions especially industrialized countries to do their very best to minimize it.

DS. Utomo said...

Well, we must save the world ! Plzz read this article

colson said...

@ Reborn: You are absolute right: Greenpeace ( and other "green" activists)should criticize irrespective of the fact whether it is a industrialized or emerging country.

Actually Greenpeace does so. And other "green" activists as well. As a matter of fact I am member of such an organization for instance. It is a political party ( "GroenLinks") which -being Dutch- even almost exclusively criticizes domestic policies/ Dutch government.

H. Nizam said...

@Pak Utomo,
I have read your blog post and its scary. Hopefully more serious efforts would be made to stop or at least slow down the global warming process.

I am glad that your GroenLinks has been criticizing your government and not just developing countries like Indonesia. Hopefully other "green" organizations would be doing the same thing.