Friday, October 15, 2010

Shipwreck Treasures off Cirebon

   Underwater Shipwreck in Cayman Brac
In 2004, a massive haul of shipwreck treasures was found off Cirebon, West Java.

The treasures comprises some 271,000 pieces including rubies, pearls, gold jewelery, Fatimid rock-crystal, Persian glassware and exquisite Chinese imperial porcelain dating back to the late 10th century.

The Indonesian Maritime and Fishery Ministry has held two auctions for the treasures, but no investors show up to pay the US$ 16 million deposit.

Recently, an official of the Ministry said that China is interested in the shipwreck treasures. AFP quoted him as saying :that  the Chinese are very interested as this treasure is unique and there are no similar collections in any museums in China.

Considering the above report, I felt that the shipwreck treasures may be able to reveal more about our history, therefore it would be best if the government do not merely think of it as a commercial project.  

Photo: Courtesy of Blogu'lu


asadisae said...

government should be concerned with this, because this is very valuable in the appeal with the money ....

hot selebritis said...

keduaxxx gan...eheheheheh
it`s very nice article,i like it

ASPeMusik said...

artikel yag menarik very2 nice

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colson said...

I can't but agree with you: countries' cultural heritage should be dealt with carefully. Putting them on display with a sign saying 'for sale' is not the way it should be done.

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

jangan2 itu anaknya TITANIC :3

DS. Utomo said...

Wow....suddenly we become rich !

Ferdinand said...

Wah temennya Totanic tuh kayanya hhe.... bisa buat ng'biayain negara tuh klo ada hartanya wkwk....

Sukses slalu Sob..

H. Nizam said...

Yes, because this would be related to our country's history, it would be better if the government handle this matter by themselves, for which they can hire professionals but under their full control.

@Hot Celebrities,
I am glad to meet you, thank you for your kind words.

Senang melihat anda lagi. Terima kasih atas pujiannya.

Yes, this should not be treated as a commercial venture.
The case would be different if the government cooperate with other country's government, perhaps with Holand.

Iya, jangan2 demikian .. ha ha ha

@Pak Utomo,
Let us hope so.

Mudah2an kita bisa berperan lebih besar dalam pengambilan hartanya agar bagiannya lebih besar. Apalagi kalau kita sendiri yang ambil.

ReBorn said...

hmm, enak kalo bisa nemuin di dalem rumah. gheheh.

salam kenal.

H. Nizam said...

Pasti enak sekali kalau terjadi seperti anda katakan.

Luke said...

Indonesia seems to be its own garage or yard sale, selling itself for no real reason. A shipwreck of treasure has to be an amazing find and would look good in any museum, especially one of its own. I would pay to see it. But I guess this wont be the case.
I also think you should run for government and incharge of some department and start making sensible logical decisions for the better of the people... Any thoughts? :D

H. Nizam said...

Hi Luke,
I agree with you that auctioning treasures would be like a garage sale. We should take them ourselves by hiring experts and equipments.
Re: me running for government, I don't think I'm fit for any position
ha ha ha .... Thank you for the kind words.