Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Blog's Followers

My Dear Followers,

First of all I would like to thank each and everyone of you for following my blog on Google Friend Connect, Blog Catalog, Mybloglog, Twitter, Facebook, Blogged, Networkedblog.

Usually, after I know that I am being followed, and the follower's blog is mentioned, I would visit your blog and follow back.
But there are times when your blog is not mentioned so I cannot visit and follow your blog.

Considering this fact, I would like to request you to let me know if you have followed my blog, but I have not follow back.

Thanks and regards,
Harry Nizam


Reza Rahmat Mahardika said...

PertamaX hehehehehhe 3 menit yg lalu :)

H. Nizam said...

Halo Reza,
Terima kasih atas kunjungan anda.
Saya sudah Follow blog anda Makasar Asli beberapa waktu yang lalu.
Nama yang saya pukai : Multibrand dengan Avatar sang sama dengan saya pakai disini.

Herdoni Wahyono said...

MULTIBRAND, Indonesian Laws, Politics & Nature, a blog is very interesting and powerful. Until this moment, your followers recorded in 1309 in the Google Friend Connect. Success is always with you.

H. Nizam said...

Thank you for the kind words. We have followed each others blogs therefore we can share many things.
I wish you success. Let's keep in touch.

umihoney said...

I like the song "I will follow you"..hehehe..just sidetracking a bit..gratz on a very succesful blog Harry.

H. Nizam said...

One of the best thing that I love about blogging is the mutual and positive environment. We can succeed if we are supported by others. And you are one of the blogger that inspired me most my friend.

Ladyulia said...

been long time gak BW :D

Anonymous said...

*thumbs up*...=D

H. Nizam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
H. Nizam said...

Thank you for your compliment

A_Bucketbot said...

hello...:) followed ur blog :)

Ron said...

Excellent, I followed you.

Isha Shiri said...


It very good their concerns about his followers.

I wish you peace.

H. Nizam said...

Thanks a lot, I'll go to your blog.

Thanks a lot, I'll visit your blog

@Isha Shiri,
Thank you for following and for the kind words.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Kind words, Harry. We do mutually follow each other's blogs. I have a number in my Kiwi Riverman stable. These are niched by interest. Do you follow my The Green Planet blog?


H. Nizam said...

I followed more than one of your blogs, using the same name and avatar like I used online. But I don't remember which one.

Ladyulia said...

thx for ur comment at my blog nizam :D

Ladyulia said...

wudih followernya banyak banget

H. Nizam said...

Thank you for your visit and comment. Let's keep in touch.

JBUDD NEWS said...

I'm not sure you followed mine. I could be wrong.

Madison said...

How thoughtful of you. Fortunately for me, you have been kind enough to follow my blog and I will certainly continue to follow and read yours regularly.

H. Nizam said...

@JBudd News,
Thank you for telling me, I'll check and revert.

I am very glad that we have followed each others blog. Let's keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

I'm now a follower of your blog.

H. Nizam said...

Thanks a lot, I'll go and follow your blog.

nana said...

makasih juga ya mas udah follow blog aku..walau mungkin isinya mungkin aneh buat seorang legal practitioner

H. Nizam said...

Blog anda bagus dan informatif kok.