Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ruhut Sitompul

Meetings of the Special Committee of the People's Representative Council (DPR) for inquiry of the mysterious  flow of Rp. 6.7 Trillion money to Bank Century is getting indecent every day.

Last night, several TV stations show the committee's latest meeting in which there was a disgusting argument between the Vice Chairman of Committee i.e. Gayus Lumbuun, and a member of the governing Democrat Party i.e. Ruhut Sitompul who called Gayus: Bangsat! a very harsh Indonesian word which is impolite to translate in English.

For detailed media reports on the above, please click here, here, here.

Although Ruhut as a lawyer and member of President SBY's political party may always defend his boss and party, however as representative of the people who is paid by tax paying people, he should always behave according to the decent ethics and customs of the people of Indonesia, especially now that people's trust on the DPR is quite low.

Photo:  Courtesy of Kompas.


colson said...

It looks like this bailout case is grossly running out of hand. Not, I think, because of abusive language mainly. The wrong organization of the investigation is, probably, even more important.

The bailout itself apparently is not a very extraordinary one.

There was was a US credit crunch, there was a worldwide financial crises, there was an Indonesian bank on the verge of collapse and there was a bailout. Like banks were bailed out in the US and Europe.

In general the situation asked for crisis management. Systemic banks had to be protected. And that's what happened, or so it seems.

I don't know what the definiton of "systemic bank" in Indonesia is. But I assume Century Bank was/is one.

So far so good.

Now time has arrived to investigate the process and method of the bailout by Parliament. In order to have the responsible politicians to account for there decisions. That happens everywhere, like it happens now in RI.

The fascinating part is that romours are this bailout was part of a deal including illegal funding of the President's political party. Which is a serious accusation of course. And political dynamite. Not so much the bail out, but the integrity of the presidency could become the main target. And exactly that appears to be increasingly the case. Dangerous games, if you ask me.

I think, as a case of alleged corruption, it should not be investigated by this Parliamentary committee. This recent angry exchange of arguments and insults is possibly an indicating also this issue should be dealt with elsewhere. By the other, very famous, very popular commission.

murkcore@blogger blog said...

Politics.. It's the same everywhere. It's all about the money.. Here in my country.. It's hopeless.

Where going to have another national elections this year and in a few months and politicians are starting to make their moves.

Just recently a politicians caravan was brutally murdered including many innocent people, reporters, and some of the politicians family members on their way to file candidacy.

Some started to make projects like bridges, roads, water systems just now because the elections is nearing and they want their names to be on every projects like business cards..

Some switched sides. The rule here is whoever has the most money wins, at least that's what I observed. which makes me wonder if I will vote or stay at home and do something else.. But I'm sure I will vote. Who will i vote for will be base on the rule "just choose the most capable, lesser evil" like what I did the previous election.

thanks for this very nice post..

H. Nizam said...


I fully agree that there's nothing wrong with helping a bank recover from its crisis.

The problem was that the bail out it had been done thru a procedure
that was seemingly unusual.

There are allegations re: C.A.R, about approval from highest authority. SBY said he was traveling when the bail out was done, while Yusuf Kalla said that Sri Mulyani told him several days after.

Further, when KPK investigate, in early 2009, the flow of money to Budi Sampoerna, and found about recommendation by ex Chief of Police investigation, KPK Chief Antasari Azhar was accused of murder. But in Court, most key witnesses incl. police colonel,
forensic expert, executors canceled their initial statements to the police.

Moreover, there was the frame up case on Bibit-Chandra. And reports
re: bail out emerge only after the July Prez. election. in spite of very strong protests by rivals at the end of the days everyone accepted the vote counting.

Due those facts, there's suspicion that the Rp 6.7 trillion must have been used for election campaigns of all parties and compensate those who loose so that everyone can accept the result.

The KPK has resumed investigating criminal aspect of this case. While the DPR's probe is more on the policy making, thus political.

H. Nizam said...


Politicians are indeed the same around the world. They tend to do any thing to get what they want.
An they all adopt the laws of the jungle: "survival of the fittest"'

It's very sad to hear about the politician in your country who was accused of masterminding the killing of innocent people.
Hopefully the election in your country will be carried out peacefully.

Kartono said...

Yang jelas masyarakat membutuhkan contoh yang baik. Politikus yang ada sekarang dipertanyakan apakah pantas menjadi contoh yang baik. Dengan ucapan dan segala tingkah laku mereka rasanya sulit untuk dapat dikatakan layak dicontoh.

H. Nizam said...


Tepat sekali Mas, kalau mereka sudah terpilih mereka lupa bahwa mereka seharusnya mewakili rakyat bukan partai atau dirinya sendiri.

catorka logo said...

I see on TV yesterday:)

H. Nizam said...

Cartoka Logo,

Let's hope that the daily reports of the 'rough' discussion at DPR would teach other politicians and public figures to be polite whenever they talk in public.

Thank you for your visit & comment.