Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Facebook to Help an Alleged Corruptor

has been used by supporters of Prita Mulyasari, Defendant in the Defamation Lawsuit filed by Omni Hospital, to collect more than four times the amount of fine that the High Court of Banten has ordered her to pay.

According to The Jakarta Globe, this success has inspired lawyers in Solo, Central Java, to use Facebook as grounds for requesting the District Court to grant bail for their client who has been suspected of corruption charges.

Indonesian Lawyer Uses Facebook Group to Request Bail for Corruption Defendent

A lawyer used printed screenshots of a Facebook group as evidence to request bail for a defendant in a school textbook corruption case at Solo State Court, Central Java, on Tuesday.

The hearing was led by Judge Saparudin Hasibuan and the defendant, Amsori, was a former head of Solo’s Sport, Youth and Education Office. At the end of the hearing, Amsori’s legal team requested the judge to grant their client bail.

The lawyers handed a petition of 47 signatures from prominent Solo figures and organizations as well as printed screenshots showing 690 supporters from a Facebook group titled “Simpati pada Pak Amsori” (“Sympathy for Pak Amsori”).

“The panel of judges will consider the request,” Head Judge Saparudin Hasibuan said on Metro TV.

Amsori was indicted for alleged involvement in a Rp 3.7 billion ($398,000) school textbook case. He stands accused of marking up the costs for acquiring textbooks for government schools in Solo.


GregoryJ said...

It sounds ridiculous to me to be using Facebook in court. Facebook isn't really real. It's what ever any one wants to put on it. Or don't I get it?

MetroRimJ~ said...

I agree with the cimmemter above ... I join random groups on facebook for no reason at all sometimes!! Ridiculousnes.

H. Nizam said...


In my opinion there should also be other basis beside Facebook. Because there's no guarantee as to validity of FB group in the sense that a person can have more than one FB accounts under different names.

Fyi, in countries like New Zealand a court once made notification through FB.

H. Nizam said...


I agree that its ridiculous. Without other grounds, like personal guarantee, FB group should not be regarded as sufficient ground for requesting the bail.

Diane said...

Facebook needs to stay out of it.The petition should not hold any weight in the court's rulings. If the person should be tried on evidence not popularity.

H. Nizam said...


Yes the court should based its decision on legitimate evidence
especially that this is corruption case, which is a special crime in Indonesia.

Robin said...

Facebook is not real, it is just a virtual network, How can one use it for evidence. It is surely totally ridiculous

H. Nizam said...


Yes it is ridiculous to use FB as grounds procedure in court.
Thank you for dropping by.