Thursday, April 23, 2009

Indonesian Migrant Workers

The current global economic crisis has caused the deportation of many Indonesians Migrant Workers from many foreign countries where they have been working.

According to Antara, last year 34,595 of those workers have been deported from Malaysia.
At the same year, according to PAB Indonesia, 23,644 of them have been deported from Saudi Arabia.

Earlier, our government’s official website reported that President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono has promised that his government will make efforts to protect those migrant workers.
And in connection with the United Nations Summit Meeting on Racism now held in Geneva, Swiss, according to The Jakarta Post our delegation has urged global willingness to address complaints of migrant workers, especially those employed in the domestic sectors. We also requested for a better complaint-filing mechanism for discriminatory acts against migrant workers and unlawful treatment by the employers.

Considering the fact that those Migrant Workers have been contributing a large sum of foreign currency badly needed by our country, I hope that a much better and more serious efforts would be made to protect those workers.

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