Saturday, April 11, 2009

Drugs Dealing Prosecutors

Illegal Drugs business seems to be very attractive for some people, including few law enforcement officers, that they would be tempted to take part in the business.

That's what I though when I read an article in today's Kompas Newspaper Page 25 regarding Irvan, a Police officer in North Jakarta who was caught by the Police for selling 343 Ecstasy pills at a nightclub in North Jakarta.
What shocked me is that during the investigation, Irvan confessed that he got those drugs from two lady Prosecutors i.e. Ester Tanak and Dara Veranita, who were handling Drugs case at the District Court of North Jakarta in which M. Yusuf was the Defendant. Those drugs are part of the 5,000 Ecstasy pills confiscated by the Police during a raid at an apartment in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.

And what shocked me even more is that the Police can only process the case of Irvan, but has to release the two prosecutors at 2 pm today because the Attorney General Office (AGO) has not given the Police a permit to detain them. But the AGO’s Public Relation officer i.e. Jasman Simajuntak denied this allegation. He said that his office would issue the permit if the Police made a written request, in stead of a verbal request, for said detention as stipulated by the Prosecution Law No. 16 Year 2004 Art. 8 Par.5.

In reaction to the above, head of anti drugs organization GRANAT Henry Yosodiningrat stated that the release of those two lady Prosecutors would create public assumption that the AGO is protecting their "nasty" Prosecutors.

Now that the real reason for obtaining the AGO's permit have been known, I hope that the Police would issue the written request and send it to the AGO, so that the two prosecutors can remain in detention. Therefore, this illegal Drugs case can be prosessed ASAP and those involved could be punnished accordingly.

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