Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Campaign Carries On

Last Sunday, campaign for the general election has ended, and based on the General Election Law 10/2008, 38 political parties will go through a cooling down period before the general election on Thursday, 9 April 2009. During which, they are not allowed to do and/or say things which can be regarded as campaign.

However, it seems that the above law is only obeyed in real world, but not in the virtual world. According to Tempointeraktif, someone has opened a site in the social networking media Facebook titled Say No!!!” to Megawati, which until yesterday 10 am, has been supported by 64,188 people.
And at the same time, there is also a site titled Say No to Prabowo, which was supported by 751 people. Note: when I checked one hour ago the supporters has jumped to 3,068 people.

The strange thing is that there is another site which is contradictory to both sites, titled: Say Yes to SBY, which was supported by 5,185 people. Note: when I write this post the number has jumped to 116,286 people.

Further, Kompas reported that the “Say “No!!! to Megawati site was banned by Facebook on Tuesday, 7 April, 1 am, when its supporters have reached a total of 97,177 people.
However, this action did not stop the Anti Megawati campaign, because a similar site titled SAY NO TO MEGAWATI which until today noon has been supported by 4,071 people. Note: when write this post the number has jumped to 13,774 people.

Considering the cooling down period from 6 to 8 April, I hope that all parties participating in the general election on 9 April would refrain from saying and/or doing things which would offend other parties. And I also hope that they do not get easily offended by statements made by unclear people in the internet. That way peace and order can be maintained, and the majority of our people can live in peace


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