Sunday, May 10, 2009

The result of Parliamentary Elections

On Saturday, 9 May 2009, the General Election Commission (KPU) announced the final result of ballot counting for the Parliamentary Election on 9 April.

Viva News reported on Sunday morning that of the 38 political parties that participated in the said election, only 9 of them managed to pass the 2.50% parliamentary threshold, thus based on the Parliamentary Law No. 10/2008, eligible to participate in the 560 seats National Parliament (DPR) 2009-2014, as follows :
1) Democratic Party = 20.80% equivalent to 148 seats (26.43%).
2) Golkar Party = 14.40% equivalent to 108 seats (19.29%)
3) PDIP = 14.10% equivalent to 93 seats (16.61%)
4) PKS = 7.90% equivalent to 59 seats (10.54%)
5) PAN = 6% equivalent to 42 seats ( 7.50%)
6) PPP = 5.30% equivalent to 39 seats ( 6.96%)
7) Gerindra = 4.50% equivalent to 30 seats (5.36%)
8) PKB = 5% equivalent to 26 seats (4.64%)
9) Hanura = 3.80% equivalent to 15 seats (2.68%)

Based on the Presidential Election Law No.42/2008, a political party or group of political parties that obtained 20% seats in DPR or 25% of the votes in the national election may name its presidential candidate.

In this regards, Kompas reported that the KPU has opened registration for the Presidential & Vice Presidential candidates from 10 to 16May 2009.

I sincerely hope that the above nine political parties will do their very best to improve the quality of the DPR, therefore they would make sure that the members of DPR would only give priority to serve our country & people.


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Unknown said...

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I hope so .........

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Yes the Democrats are leading and I think their candidate will win.