Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Antasari Case

Yesterday, most Indonesian newspapers, radio and TV stations have been reporting about the controversial story of the Chief of Commission for Eradication of Corruption (KPK) Antasari Azhar.

The controversy was caused by the announcement of the Deputy Attorney General that the Police has named Antasari as a Prime Suspect in the Murder of the Director of PT Putra Rajawali Banjaran: Nasrudin Zulkarnaen. While according to the Police’s Summons Letter to Antasari, the latter would be questioned on Monday(tomorrow) as a Witness.

Based on said announcement, Nasrudin’s brother & lawyer have requested the Police to arrest Antasari because of his status as Prime Suspect, and also because he has sent a threatening SMS to Nasrudin. They also asked the Police to guarantee the safety of the 2 killers of Nasrudin who voluntarily surrendered to the Police because their lives have been threatened by certain party who wants to erase linkage to the crime.

Further, the Collective Chairmanship of KPK, consisting of four Deputy Chiefs, has decided to non-active Antasari, and takes over the leadership collectively pending the investigation of this case.
Meanwhile, the news media has still not succeeded in locating Rani Juliani, i.e. the Golf Caddy Girl who was has been said to be the cause of dispute between Antasari & Nasrudin. I have visited her two blogs i.e. and rani-juliani. In the Shout Box, a visitor asked her to show up and explain to the public, and she replied by saying that she doubt that such act would be good for her.

Considering that KPK is a Law Enforcement Agency that has been highly respected by the Indonesian people for their efforts to combat corruption, it is important that this case to be processed properly according to the Criminal Procedural Law (KUHAP) & the Penal Code (KUHPidana). Anyone involved in this case should be investigated, the sooner the better. That way, the case would not be used as a political game by anyone.

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