Monday, May 18, 2009

Election Disputes

The Chairman of the Constitutional Court (M.K), i.e. Mahfud MD, has warned political parties initiating legal action against the parliamentary election result not to contact said Court’s Judges and Registrar, saying the Court will decide based on based on standard parameter.

According to VivaNews, Mahfud was quoted as saying MK shall be in a neutral position thus would not take side on any of the disputing party, and shall make decisions based on the facts and evidence presented in the court trials.

Until 12 May 2009, the Court has received 71 disputes cases related to the Parliamentary Elections, consisting of 42 cases presented by political parties and 29 cases presented by candidates for the Regional Representative Council (DPD).
Those cases shall be examined by the Court until 22 May 2009, and 16 of which shall be examined starting today.

With the above the statement of MK’s Chairman, it is obvious that all disputing parties should not be worried about the result of their legal action pertaining to the last election. That way, the Presidential Election on 8 July 2009 can be conducted peacefully & more people can be expected to cast their vote.

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