Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Murder of TV Reporters

Two TV reporters have been murdered in the eastern part of Indonesia, in three weeks..

On 30 July, Ardiansyah Matra'i, a reporter of Merauke TV in Merauke, Papua Province, was found dead. His death was allegedly linked to his coverage of Illegal Logging practices in the province.

Last Saturday, Ridwan Salamun, a reporter of SunTV Network, was found dead while covering a clash between two rival group of people in Tual, Maluku Province.

I hope that the above murder cases would be investigated thoroughly.

For details, please read the following articles :
-   Papua Journalist Found Dead After Going Missing for 2 Days
-   TV reporter killed during group clash in Maluku


TUKANG CoLoNG said...

ini tentang pengeroyokan wartawan sampai tewas itu ya?

H. Nizam said...

Anda benar, sangat tragis nasibnya.

Free Templates said...

so sad......

H. Nizam said...

Free Templates,'
Yes so sad indeed

Yari NK said...

I lament the death of the TV journalist. I did not know exactly how it started before I googled it. I even mistook it for an ANTV reporter before I got the info it is a SUN TV journalist who's killed.

There are so many homicide news on TV... the latest news which also interests me is the murder of an Indonesian red beret (Kopasus) soldier is killed by a massager in Solo. The motive behind this murder remains unrevealed.

Well... I hope all those homicide cases will be solved soon... and would the court bring justice to all.

colson said...

It is a shame. All over the world journalists are intimidated, get death threats, are arrested, are imprisoned, get abducted and disappear or get killed (ttp://

Investigative journalism is a dangerous job. Everywhere where the rule of law is in disarray. Papua is such a place, I'm afraid. I read about Ardiansyah Matra a couple of weeks ago (

And if I remember well, another journalist -reporting on illegal logging- was killed in Kalimantan some months ago.

Let's hope justice will be done. At least blogosphere can help to prevent these cases will be filed forever unsolved.

H. Nizam said...

Yes currently there are so many homicide cases. Hopefully they would be solved immediately so that Indonesia would be a much safer place to live.

Investigative reporters are working on a dangerous fields. Those involved in crimes like illegal logging would do anything that threaten their business.
As bloggers we should support those reporters by spreading their reports.

mas kholiq said...

thank sob kujungannya lagi

H. Nizam said...

Mas Kholiq,
Sama-sama mas.

Jennesnia said...

Killing has been a problem now. Right now here in the Philippines a hostage drama occurred and a few Chinese were killed. I got goosebumps while watching the TV coverage a while ago. When will these killings of our fellow people end?

Edwin's Personal Blog said...

i can see how tragic it is. i used to be a journalist and was frequently posed to physical threat of some unrespectful parties...

H. Nizam said...

This morning I was shocked when I heard about the ending of hostage in the Philippines leaving the kidnapper and 7 innocent tourists dead.
Let us hope that this killing of people by people would decrease.

Journalist is an honorable yet risky job. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Must have got to close to the truth?

H. Nizam said...

Yes, they must have been too closed to their target.