Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Does Miss Universe has to speak English?

Last Monday night, Miss Mexico Jimena Navarette (22) was crowned the winner at the Miss Universe 2010 contest that took place in Las Vegas, U.S.A.

At the said contest, Miss Indonesia Qory Sandriova (18) did not get any title. Some media assumed that her failure was caused by her inability to speak proper English during the preliminary round of the contest.

A YouTube video of Miss Indonesia, Qory Sandioriva, answering questions in a preliminary round of the Miss Universe beauty pageant in broken English has provoked online critics. (Photo courtesy of

However, I don't think that English was the main reason for Qory's failure to win, because Miss Mexico spoke through an interpreter at the event,  therefore it is very difficult to say that she can speak English.

Details can be read on the following articles :
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Yari NK said...

Do we have to speak English?? The answer is straight 'no', at least in my personal opinion. But of course, we need a language that connects us and facilitates the communication amongst us. And English has been widely spoken around the globe since who knows. And being able to speak English I believe it can add more fun to our life. Besides, I am too tired of learning another language if we select another language for the world's new lingua franca. Huehehe...

ASPeMusik said...

oh yes
because the British people not as smart as other people who can speak english ...hehe

Wiyono said...

From Indonesia become "Beauty Talk" kkiki...
In speak with Reporter she have always so Friendly...
Ahhhh.. i don't know how to tell, i can't good English too..

This about that (in Indonesia languange) kikii..

colson said...

So she does not speak English and she didn't win. Who cares? Qory definitely looks gorgeous!

Luke said...

I don't think speaking English is needed to be Miss Universe as I am pretty certain most people are not looking at the ladies for their linguistic skills.
She tried and failed to impress with her language. But she tried.

Wind said...

I think that is one of the main rule in this know English language!

H. Nizam said...

I agree with you and I think the organizer of contest agree too
because last year's Miss Universe from Venezuela also speak through
an interpreter.

I think it is us in Indonesia who think that English is the most important factor in the contest that all Miss Indonesia failed to increase their other abilities like communication skills etc.

Thank you for sharing the article about Qory on I'll check it out.

Yeah she's really gorgeous.

You are right, she tried. Like they use to say: "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"

In that case Qory should ask for an interpreter like Miss Mexico.

wind said...

Hey, Nizam you have had followed my blog from the begining....10 month ago!
But twice is better!
ha ha
Best wishes from Romania, my friend!

H. Nizam said...

Oooh .... thank you for reminding me.
We must always keep in touch then.

Kreative's Krafts said...

Absolutely not! She would have benefitted from a translator but her difficulty with the language should by no means stigmatize her. One of my pet peeves in this country is the implication that the inability to speak English is a sign of a lack of intelligence.

Case in point, in Cayce, SC, my neck of the woods, a few years back the Bantu were relocated here from Somalia. These are a people who can speak multiple languages but English wasn't one of them. Leading the fray was a TEACHER who vehemently fought their relocation to West Columbia because they would lower their "status" of education because they couldn't speak English.

H. Nizam said...

Kreative Krafts,
You are right, inability to speak English is not a sign of lack intelligence.
Thank you for sharing with us about the relocation of the Bantu.

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

kasian wakil kita dicerca di u-tube karena gag fasih bahasa inggris

dokebi said...

I thought Miss Indonesia spoke English very well, according to the New York Times, and that was one of her very strong points for the Indonesian audience:

H. Nizam said...

Iya, kasihan dia, padahal bahasa Inggris bukan syarat untuk jadi Miss Universe. Buktinya Miss Mexico yang terpilih harus pakai penterjemah.

Yes you are right. If there is anything that she lacks is good communication skills, perhaps because she's 4 years younger than the winner (Miss Mexico).

deasy said...

Qory not learn much with the failure contestan miss Universe before from Indonesia, a little mistake could be a dissaster.. and she says "Indonesian city" OMG! how can she that bad.. It's lovely Indonesian country".. I think if she not really certain and obvious using english" better she she use a translator.. she can more better in expaining all things smartly".. Hopefully for next season.. Indonesia get more better contestan that already learned mistakes factor that makes failure"

Thanks Multibrand(H. Nizam) sukses sll!

H. Nizam said...

Yes it would be better if Qory speak through interpreter. In the future organizer of Miss Indonesia contest should not merely focus on English speaking ability but also communication skills.

Saung Web said...

Wows it is a beautiful face..

if you just want to be my lover .. haha...

H. Nizam said...

@Saung Web,
Yes she is beautiful indeed. Maybe you should try to contact her .... he he he

Catalin B. said...

It's a pity that she didn't win because Miss Indonesia is truly gorgeous.

H. Nizam said...

Catalin B.
Yes she is gorgeous indeed.