Saturday, August 14, 2010

72% Increase in Car Sales

Due to the rapid growth in the number of vehicles in Jakarta and vicinity, the traffic in the city is getting worst every year.

This condition would not improve soon, because according to Reuter (below) the sales of cars in Indonesia in July rose 72% from last year.  


Indonesia's car sales rise 72 pct in July from yr ago
JAKARTA | Fri Aug 13, 2010 12:03am EDT
JAKARTA Aug 13 (Reuters) - Indonesia's total domestic car sales, a widely followed indicator of consumer demand in Southeast Asia's biggest economy, rose 72 percent in July from a year ago, industry data showed on Friday.

Domestic car sales in July reached 72,090 units versus 41,910 units a year ago, led by Toyota (7203.T), Daihatsu (7262.T), Mitsubishi (7211.T), Honda (7267.T) and Suzuki (7269.T), according the Indonesian Automotive Association (Gaikindo).

Total domestic car sales in the first seven months reached 442,298 units, compared to 252,156 units in 2009.

Domestic demand is one of the main drivers of growth in the world's fourth most populous country.

Indonesia's economic growth is expected to peak in the third quarter, and full-year GDP growth may exceed 6 percent this year, the statistics bureau said earlier this month. [ID:nJAK189986] (Reporting by Telly Nathalia; Editing by Sara Webb)


Karedok Leunca said...

wow..the government should make a policy to limit the amount of vehicles sale. Except the crowded, the other important thing is pollution. And then public transportation have to be improved, make it comfortable and on time.

Indonesian Rhapsody said...

It will make Jakarta worse than we can imagine.

colson said...

More cars, more pollution. That's the bad news. However car sales that are up also indicateeconomic growth. So obviously the Indonesian economy is doing pretty good.

H. Nizam said...

@Karedok Leunca,
Yes I agree that the government must limit sales of cars, for which purpose public transportation must be improved. As a start they can resume development of the monorail.

@Indonesian Rhapsody,
Yes it will be very worst.

Yes ironically increase in car sales indicate good economy.

ASPeMusik said...

choice turns out humans are still far from what we desire ..will we find solutions bad cultural solving this transportation...slm musik

fairuz said...

what brought the economics to this level in the one year period?

H. Nizam said...

Let us hope that the government will develop better transportation. That way owners of private vehicles would want to leave their vehicles at home and take public transportation.

I am not sure, let us hope that economy really improved (?).

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Your country will need to look at other modes of transport - trains and buses etc; car-pooling for commuters would help. All big cities cop this traffic problem.

Luke said...

Just a thought, how many cars a year are scrapped each year in comparison? We only ever hear what is added not what is taken away.

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

makin banyak mobil yang terjual makin banyak tingkat kemacetan dan polusi.

btw, gpp kan saya aja yg pake bhs indonesia buat komen? hehe

Rob Baiton said...

@ Harry...

Singapore has it worked out.

Prohibitively high vehicle taxes which in essence make a car worth SGD10,000 retail for SGD40,000.

Then there is the road tolls and taxes.

However, what Singapore has that Indonesia does not is a functioning and reasonably good public transportation system.

Ho hum...

H. Nizam said...

The master plan for Mass Rapid Transportation has been made several years ago. One project i.e. Busway has been completed several years ago but considering that it is using the same roads, thus no additional, therefore it doesn't solve the problem. The Monorail has even been built but stopped due to financial problem.

Very good question. Regeneration of vehicles here take a lot much longer than in other countries. If you check used car market here, a twenty years old Honda or Toyota sedan can still be offered at high price.

Anda benar, tapi bisa juga dilihat bahwa ekonomi Indonesia meningkat.
Saya sangat menghargai komentar dalam bahasa Indonesia, silakan jangan ragu2.

That's the problem, if there is a good mass rapid transportation like in Singapore, I am sure many people prefer public transports.
High tax for private cars would also help solve the problem.

Yari NK said...

I agree that the increase of the auto sales means that the Indonesian economy is somewhat in boom again. However, like the increase in the sales of BlackBerry in Indonesia, it is only a matter of consumption. If only those figures of 72% represent the Indonesia auto sales increase in the international market, it is way more prestigious. But it is only in my dreams, Harry. Indonesians mostly consume not produce, at least for now... I hope I was wrong! :(

H. Nizam said...

Hi Yari,
I hate to acknowledge that you are very right my friend.
The sharp increase in car sales does not necessarily that the economy of growing very fast.
Most likely that it indicates very strong consumerism among the people.
But I also hope that I am wrong.

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H. Nizam said...

@Japanese Used Cars,
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