Thursday, December 17, 2009

Luna Maya quits Twitter

Last Wednesday, film actress and presenter Luna Maya, closed her Twitter with 123,952 followers after sending a Twitter message on Tuesday night calling Infotainment Journalists (Indonesia's term for Paparazzi) lower than Prostitutes & Murderers.

Her message reached Infotainment Journalist Bambangelf, who replied by calling her trashy, stupid, uneducated and shallow.

The cause of Luna's anger was an incident few hours earlier when she, her boy friend Ariel, singer in the band Peterpan, and Ariel's daughter Alliea, left a cinema after watching Ariel's first movie Sang Pemimpi (The Dreamer).

The journalists approached Luna who was carrying sleeping Alliea, and forcefully asked for interview, then suddenly one of their camera allegedly bumped Alliea's head.

In reaction to Luna's harsh message, the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) is now checking the incident and the possibility of taking legal action against Luna.

For detailed media reports, please click here and here.

In my humble opinion, Luna Maya has a right to be angry at the journalists who has allegedly bumped the head of her boy friend's daughter. But in this case she should use decent words especially when she use a social media like Twitter.

Photo: Courtesy of Cari Artis


MetroRimJ~ said...

ohmygooodness! I just can't believe how insane reporters are though...

H. Nizam said...


Although reporters are sometimes very disturbing in seeking information from celebrities but still protest against them, esp. written ones through online media, should be done decently, otherwise would backfire.

Ocheja Patrick said...

LUNA! though she had every right to be angry but she's also got every reason to be decent with speeches or choice of words. so sad about her twitter absence at least i enjoyed some of her shows!! poor boy!

Rob Baiton said...


What is the balance here? She is a public figure who puts herself out there as a public figure, but she is also entitled to some privacy and respect. Simply, public people are entitled to private moments too.

I would reckon that any attempt to sue Luna would backfire pretty large, particularly if it is true that Ariel's kid was hit in the head with a camera. Let's face it, striking someone with a camera would be assault.

Final note, there are some similarities, aren't there? Between paparazzi and prostitutes - they both sell there assets to someone willing to pay. Besides prostitution is the oldest profession known to human kind (so they say). Personally, I would not rank paparazzi on the same level as prostitutes, in my mind that is a bad rap for the prostitutes. Perhaps the sex workers union needs to get together and explore the possibility of suing Luna as well.

BTW...I do not twitter (need to get a more sophisticated phone :D)

NENSA MOON said...

Even though Luna Maya was an artist or public figure, she's just a human being who would got an emotion and anger out...

Everyone in this earth could have made any mistake either intentionally or not ...

Its simple, why who have consciously got a mistake shouldn't immediately apologize to other...For Luna Maya or even for the journalist who has annoyed her...

H. Nizam said...


Yeah,you are right my friend.

By the way, I visited your Blogger Profile but didn't find your blog. So you are living in Nigeria.
I lived several years in Lagos and one of my brother was born there.

H. Nizam said...


Infotainment journalists, like paparazzi, often disturbed the privacy of celebrities.
If Luna's allegation that the child's head was bumped by a camera then PWI's action would surely backfired.

What is the balance here? She is a public figure who puts herself out there as a public figure, but she is also entitled to some privacy and respect. Simply, public people are entitled to private moments too.

Re: your comment about paparazzi and prostitutes, hmmmm .........

Re: Twitter, I am not an active user, I used it to get information for this blog.

H. Nizam said...


This case should settled amicably considering that the both need each other. Luna needs publicity and the journalists need Luna as one of the news maker.

Thank you for your visit. I have visited your interesting blog and left a comment. Let's keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

H. Nizam said...


Thank you for dropping by.
I wish that you have mentioned your name and leave a comment.

Yari NK said...


It seems that both sides enjoy publicity from the face-off. I'm not an infotainment aficionado but my amateurish views said that to report verbal abuses to the police is rather off course. But certainly LM should not say something harsh like that either.

However, I'm not surprised if something like this happens. Both sides are raised by gossips and trashy rumours. That's why they seem to enjoy trashy moments like this rubbish showdown for their own publicity. For me, I'd rather enjoy The NatGeo programmes or even Animal Planet's. Thank God I don't enjoy worthless infotainment!

Would a legal case be filed against me down the road for stating that infotainment is trashy???

H. Nizam said...


Both sides are really enjoying the publicity from the face-off.
The fact that Luna mentioned those words in writing via Twitter gave PWI a strong evidence for its Defamation caim.

The latest development shows that PWI's counterpart AJI denounced PWI for submitting Police report based on ITE Law which they have once requested the MK to review.

Fyi, I am not an Infotainment fan, although sometimes I watched if I am visiting a friend, or doctor, or restaurant.

Let us be positive and use decent words so that our society will develop healthier, not like in those sinetrons.

Thank you for dropping by.

Yari NK said...

Hehehe.... Don't worry. I have never taken you nor anybody else who posted the same topic for an infotainment enthusiast. I just tried to express myself that I thank God not to be a fan of infotainment... :)

H. Nizam said...


Okay, thank you. I wish that the authorities would pay more serious attention of those infotainment and sinetron and their effects to our society.

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