Sunday, August 2, 2009

Replanting Mangrove in Central Java

Semarang, the capital of Central Java Province, has often been flooded due to heavy rain fall and also by the rise of sea water.

The main reason why the sea water rise is because there is no more Mangrove Forest to protects the coastalines of Semarang and most of Central Java.

The Jakarta Post quoted the Central Java's Head of Forestry Agency as saying that 96.95% of Mangrove forests are destructed by illegal loging and baseless industrial development. Tourism and residential development conducted without proper environmentally-based conservation measures had caused the mangroves to be depleted quickly.

In order to stop the destruction of Mangrove, around 350 participants of the International Mangrove Jamboree in Semarang have planted 60,000 Mangrove seeds along side a aquaculture pond in Semarang on Sunday.

I hope that the above effort would start the replanting of Mangroves in Central Javae in particular and other parts of Indonesia in general.

Photo: Courtesy of The Jakarta Post


Edwin said...

Semarang, down the upper hill, is quite liable for being rushed with flood. This might be a good effort to alleviate.. By the way, I haven't been to there these last 2 years...

Harry Nizam H. said...

Hi Edwin,
Good to see you again.
Let us hope that planting of Mangrove would be carried out not just in Central Java but also Jakarta etc.