Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Yoga Controversy

" Yoga can bring us Peace of Mind " that's what my friend Wenny told me one day.
Although I have never practised Yoga but from what I have read in books & magazines, I can understand that by practising regular meditation using Yoga techniques, we can have better control of our emotions.

Beside that, I also understand that the reason why Yoga has been practiced by many people in Indonesia for so many years, is because people believe that Yoga can cure sicknes, maintain health and so far no complaint has been heard about Yoga. Therefore Yoga would not be more harmful than a Balinese dance.

Due to my above understanding, I was surprised when I read an Editorial of The Jakarta Post last Thursday about the Council of Indonesian Moslem Cleric (M.U.I) asking for the cessation of Yoga practise in Indonesia while it investigates whether Yoga is contradictory to the Moslem faith. This investigation is carried out after MUI's Malaysian counterpart banned Yoga in Malaysia last week because they claim that Yoga contains Hindu practices which might corrupt the faith of Moslem.

Due to the above mentioned facts, I hope what ever the result of the investigation, M.U.I will consider the diversed characteristic of the Indonesian society, therefore give a fair judgement on this matter.


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