Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dangerous Message

Last week, I received an e-mail from someone who inform me about the circulation of shoes under the brand of NIKE with the Logo AIR written in a similar way as the writing of the word ALLAH in Arabic.

At first, I was very shocked by the said message & photo, considering at that time our news media has been reporting the controversial WordPress Comic regarding Nabi Muhammad SAW. After awhile, I thought that the first thing that I should do is to check about the reliability of said message. So, I browsed the internet & visited several websites among others Jazarah!, NiceKicks and Daniel Pipes which informed that in 1997-1998 NIKE has indeed produced shoes with the Logo AIR which is written in a similar way to the writing of the word ALLAH in Arabic. But after strong protests by the Council of American-Islamic Relations, NIKE withdrawn hundreds of thousand of shoes that has the same Logo, costing them millions of US$ and spend some time to ease the tensions. I have tried to check with NIKE and other reliable websites but cannot find any article regarding this matter.
I am not sure about the reason why this controversial issue has been brought to our attention after 10 years. But it would be reasonable to assume that they are either brought by the competitors of NIKE, or unsatisfied workers of NIKE, or any other people with whatever reasons. One thing for sure is the purpose is very dangerous, i.e to manipulate emotions of Moslems.

Considering the above facts, it is very important for us to always check on the reliability of every messages/news before we start getting emotional about them. Otherwise, we would only became an innocent victim of circumstances.


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