Monday, November 3, 2008

The Scandalous Lawyer

"The First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All the Lawyers", that's a quote from Shakespeare's play KING HENRY VI, which implies that Lawyers plays a vital role in our society.
However, many people interpret this quote differently, i.e. Lawyers are dangerous because they tend to use their knowledge to take advantage of other people.

In Indonesia, there are several cases in which Lawyers take advantage of others, the latest one was reported by Pos Kota last Saturday, 1 November 2008 about a Sex Scandal between a Lawyer who is a Lecturer at the University of Indonesia(U.I)i.e Nas, and a 22 year old student i.e. Ind. Nas admitted that he & Ind have a love affair that leads to sexual intercourse every time they met. He said the affair that started after he became Ind's mentor during her last year at U.I in January 2007, is obvious because he was a Widower and Ind was single. And from the very start they both agreed that the affair would end if Nas's former wife wants to return to him.
However, when Nas remarried his former wife in April 2008, Ind refused to end their relationship and demanded that Nas married her as a second wife or through the Islamic way of SIRI, but Nas refused to do so. Due to Nas's continuous rejections, Ind. and her Lawyer Shanti Dewi reported the case to the Rectorate of U.I, without any result. So, on 10 October 2008 they went to the DKI Jakarta Police Station to report that Nas has Raped Ind. on May 2007. Ind. denied having a love affair with Nas, and said the they only have Sex once. Further, Shanti said that after the case was exposed, 12 female students have admitted that they have been sexually harassed by Nas. According to an officer of DKI Jakarta Police i.e Rivai, it is difficult to investigate the case because the incident took place almost one year before, and no Visum (medical record)available.
Meanwhile, the Public Relation Officer of U.I i.e Devie Rahmawati said that the Rector of U.I has set up a special team to investigate the case.

Considering this case involved a Lawyer who is also a Criminal Law Lecturer of a prestigious university in our country, we hope that the investigations conducted by the Police and U.I will be carried out fairly & thoroughly, and the results would be announced openly to the public.



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