Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ahmad Dhani & Flag

" Ahmad Dhani has done it once again ! " That's what I told myself when I watched this morning's infotainment on RCTV about the video clip advertisement for the new song of his band Dewa 19 "Perempuan Paling Cantik Dinegeriku Indonesia" that has been critized by historian Anhar Gonggong and Telematic Expert Roy Suryo.

Anhar Gongong protested the use of our country's Red & White National Flag as background for Dewa 19's symbol. He said that such inappropriate treatment of our National Flag is a clear humiliation of our National Symbol, therefore cannot be tollerated. In this connection, Telematic Expert Roy Suryo has reported Ahmad Dhani to the Indonesian Police Headquarters - Criminal Division last Friday, 28/11/08. He said that due to the humiliation of our National Red & White Flag, Dhani could be punnished with a maximum imprisonment of 3 months based on Article 21 of the Government Regulation No. 40 Year 1958.
Meanwhile, the Minister of Youth & Sports: Adyaksa Dault said that he has talked to Dhani about the matter and the latter promised to stop the video clip advertisement.
In an interview with Okezone, Dhani denied having humiliated our National Flag, he said that he did not use our National Flag in the video clip, what he use is a backdrop.

Considering that in the past, both Ahmad Dhani and Roy Suryo have been known for their controversial statements which tend to be sensational, it is difficult to tell whether or not right now they are not trying to be sensational again. Now that the case is being handled by our Police, let's wait for the result of investigation.



Abang Hajib said...

i'm a big fan of Ahmad Dhani.. Ahmad Dhani Rawkss!!

The Editor said...

I like his songs too, they are good