Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lady Gaga Concert Cancelled

I am not a fan of Lady Gaga, simply because she is not the kind of singer that I like, and I am not familiar with any of her songs, because they are not the kinds of songs that I like.

However, I was very happy when I heard that she will come to Jakarta and entertain tens of thousands of her fans at the Gelora Senayan Soccer Stadium on 3 June.

I was also happy when I read on The Jakarta Globe that ticket sales for the concert were strong selling 52,000 tickets since 10 March, which according to the organizer Big Daddy were sold the prices ranging from Rp 445.000,- up to Rp 2,250,000,-

I was happy when the Ministry of Tourism and Culture allowed the concert to go on in spite of the protests from few minority groups of people who claimed to be protectors of Islam like the FPI and FUI who love to use violence in expressing their protests.

Frankly speaking, as a member of a liberal democratic society I don't mind if those groups of people do not agree with Lady Gaga's concert in Jakarta because they don't agree with the sexy dresses she use to wear in her concerts and lyrics of some of her songs which they consider indecent and contradictory to the religion of the majority people in Indonesia.

But I am very sad that those groups have threatened to use violence if the concert is carried out, and the Jakarta Police's refusal to give permit because of that threat.

On top of it all, I am more sad to know that the said concert has not obtain full approval from all the relevant authorities although the organizer has sold 52,000 tickets.

I hope that from now on, every similar concerts should obtain permits from all those authorities first before they sell tickets, therefore the public, in this case her fans, would not have to be disappointed and lose money because of the cancellation.

Regarding Lady Gaga's concert, I wish that the Police would not just make decision because of the threats from the above mentioned groups. The Police can always give strict conditions for the concert e.g requiring Lady Gaga not to appear very sexy.

Nevertheless, I hope that the above cancellation would stop Big Daddy and other organizers in Indonesia from organizing popular international artists concerts in the future.

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colson said...

Like she is to you, Lady Gaga is to me not the kind of artist I would normally pay attention to. She's famous for reasons outside the realms of reason or artistry.

But well, many adolescents obviously adore her being over the top. That probably is part of their coming to age. So let them be. No harm done

Banning her from Jakarta and Indonesian soil is just stupid. I hope her fans will be able to see her show after all.

So let the crazy fringe shut up, the Police come to it's mind and she decide to come after all.

phil said...

To colson : stupid ???? can you say this for catholic Orthodox Philippine that banning lady Gaga too in their country because Judas song from lady gaga that make some dishonor to YESUS but I know it's hard to do that because our vision from the religion it's totally different with your vision

Anonymous said...

I don't like Lady Gaga...I like Lady diana....

H. Nizam said...

I agree that Lady Gaga's concert would not harm her fans here.
Fyi, there are many artists here whose appearances and song lyrics are worst that her.
The authorities be wise enough and not wait until so many tickets have been sold.

What Colson mentioned stupid is that the authorities' decision was merely based on the demands and threats of some organizations that love violence.

It has been my policy to require every one who comments in this blog to mention their names and links. That way I can visit you.
Anyway, I would like to thank you for your visit and comment.

colson said...

@ phil: Though H. Nizam already explained what I meant, I would like to add I'm sorry if my opinion hurts your feelings.

(And yes, my comment would apply to a Philippine ban too.)

pj said...

Hi Harry
I'm not a gaga fan myself but since most fan can see her videos on the internet its seems absurb that her mere presence will inspire satanism and lesbianism.

What always surprises me in these police bannings is the quasi-judicial powers the police appear to have. Its hard to imagine that a solitary middle ranking police officer can overturn a ministry of culture permit and then defend his actions as a defence of indonesian culture. Does he possess some special attributes that enable him to decide what is culturally acceptable to Indonesians? At the very least the powers to ban a performance should come from the courts and not from the cops.

triesti said...

I'm much more concern that the message that the police put out there is: We succumb to bullying by fanatical group.

if it's about the dressing, make her cover up more. Malaysia did that to Beyonce. It can be done. Two things that stand out, in my opinion, about Lady Gaga is she dares to be different and really work her way to achieve her goal, which is rather inspiring to some extend in this world where people expect you to be the same. I think that is something the police could learn a thing or two from.

H. Nizam said...

I am glad to see you again.
Actually the Jakarta Police did not give recommendation for issuance of permit by the National Police. The problem is that they only say that after tens of thousands of tickets have been sold, not much earlier.

I am very happy to see you again.
I fully agree that the Police seemed to be bullied by a gang of thugs. They should act smarter e.g give permit with certain conditions perhaps they can aks Lady gaga to wear kebaya (?) if she refuse then she'll face the consequences.

cara pemesanan XAMthone plus said...

lady gaga is satan

cara pemesanan XAMthone plus said...

i agree

H. Nizam said...

@Cara pemesanan,
I heard that some of her songs contain lyrics about faith, but I am not whether or not she worships satan. I never really listen to any of her songs.

triesti said...

it's funny how they brand her satan worshipper because she uses certain hand gestures, certain freemason symbols. FYI the last time I talked to a freemason, they talk about humanism in their Lodge and they must believe in god.

H. Nizam said...

I am also surprised that many people say that LG worship satan.
I believe that she perform the weird stage acts merely for sensation. In the past, old rockers like Black Sabbath (Ozzy Osborne, Alice Cooper and the Rolling Stones often do the same.

obat herbal liver said...

go fpi!

H. Nizam said...

@Obat Herbal,
Yeah, FPI must not be allowed to control the Police.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

In a liberal society you can criticise without getting violent. I don't have much time for Lady Gaga either, but there are plenty in NZ who do, and so be it!

Harry Nizam said...

The violent groups exist after liberal democracy came to Indonesia on May 1998. Before that they were banned and their leaders exiled abroad.
Now they are cursing at liberal democracy. Disgusting!

obat alami jantung koroner said...

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